Audio Review: Julia Jacklin – Crushing

Posted 8 months ago in Music Reviews

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Julia Jacklin



Returning to her birth name after a momentary deviation as Phantastic Ferniture, Julia Jacklin delivers warm melodies served with chilling lyrics on her exceptional second album, Crushing.

Known for clean-cut melodies that rumble within your eardrums, Crushing proffers a fresh take on Jacklin’s style. Lyrically, she writes openly about family and delves even deeper into self-analysis regarding her behaviour under the influence of infatuation; “Don’t know how to keep loving you / Now that I know you so well.” She taps into the concerns of her generation with great ease and eloquence.

The inclusion of more acoustic arrangements mark a progression in her prowess as an artist. The minimal compositions – Convention, Comfort, and Turn Me Down (once the bridge kicks in) – are the most compelling. When The Family Flies In, retains the internal echoes and creaking of Jacklin’s piano, which she plays softly as she sings lines, grievingly, filled with universal undertakings, “The last thing I sent to you was an irrelevant music video and I’ll always wonder if you ever watched it.” It makes you go straight to unopened YouTube links that have been teleported to you, especially, in gratitude of the senders consideration.


Once again, Julia Jacklin is heartfelt and intelligent in her songwriting giving audiences another well considered chapter in an evolving portrait of an engaging artist.

Words: Zara Hedderman

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