Audio Review: All I Wanted – Sorcha Durham

Posted May 27, 2023 in Music Reviews

The last few years heralded a period of change for a lot of people in different ways. For Sorcha Durham, she has gone from being part of one of Ireland’s more recent success stories with the Kerry-based group Walking On Cars to now carving a solo career in which she has described as providing her the space to finally “tell [her] own story”. With her former band, she achieved what so many of their peers could have only dreamed of; topping charts, having an album go double platinum and even having a song used as the theme music for a Netflix series.

Undoubtedly, it can be difficult to walk away from the extraordinary career highs Walking On Cars reached. In the three years since their disbandment, Durham has focused on developing her own style and with her debut EP All I Wanted, she demonstrates a great deal of skill in crafting atmospheric pop hooks that stay with you long after listening. Melding her proficiency in the piano, her primary instrument, Durham sensitively combines that with melancholic electronic motifs that are all at once infectious and intimate.

“Gave it heart and soul / I gave it all and more,” she sings atop the somber synths on Heart And Soul, where her breathy cadence is a perfect companion to the frosty electronic motifs. While the lyrics seem to be rooted in the breakdown of a romantic relationship, one can take Durham’s writing to be as much about her musical past, present and future. There’s a lot to enjoy throughout Sorcha Durham’s debut EP, especially the dynamic textures which are particularly engaging on closer All I Wanted.

Sorcha Durham – All I Wanted


Words: Zara Hedderman 


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