Roadmap: Fight Like Apes – Black Boys on Mopeds

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Fight Like Apes have recorded the seminal Black Boys On Mopeds, written by Sinéad O’Connor and released on her second album I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got, in 1990. All proceeds of this release will be donated to Lajee Centre, Aida Refugee Camp, Occupied West Bank, Palestine.

MayKay writes, “I was in Aida refugee camp in the Occupied West Bank of Palestine when I heard Sinéad O’Connor had died. There was no-one there that didn’t know who she was and why she was so important. We had a sing song late into that night on the roof, Irish people singing Sinéad songs, Palestinian people singing beautiful folk songs in Arabic. Back when she released this song in 1990, like most things she did, it was so brave to speak the way she did. Truly brave. She was mocked, ostracised and shamed. Because of her and her relentless energy for speaking truth to power, it’s not dangerous these days for people like us to speak out. She paved the way. We owe this to her.”

Jamie Fox adds, “It’s very sad that this song is as, if not more, relevant today as it was when was released 34 years ago. Black boys on Mopeds is a prayer for shared humanity, a prayer from Sinéad that her child wouldn’t have to live in a world that was unjust and devoid of compassion. If you don’t want to play our version, play Sinéad’s version and listen.”

All proceeds will go directly to Lajee Centre, Aida Refugee Camp in the Occupied West Bank, an organisation that is working to help the people of Palestine. If you wish to make a further donation you can do so here.

This song will be performed live at the Fight Like Apes show at The Olympia Theatre on April 6th.

Words: Adhamh O’Caoimh


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