CMAT Loves…

Posted March 4, 2022 in Music Features

As she releases her debut album this month CMAT lets us in on three of her favourite things. Turns out CMAT loves…


Shirley Bassey documentaries

“She’s insane. She’s the most performative person I have ever seen in my life, if you watch her do an interview she’s like ‘huh ha! Huh ha!’ and that’s just an interview on Parkinson.

You know what I really like about Shirley Bassey is she admits to being a cunt.

Her staff were all saying she was the most difficult person to work for and also the easiest because everyone loves her.”



“They’re a folk jazz band from the ‘70s in England and they have the most arrangements of child ballads.

I’m fucking obsessed.

I bought an Appalachian Dulcimer the other day just so I could do Pentangle songs.

I physically can’t listen to anything that isn’t made by Pentangle.”


Miss Piggy CMAT edits

“There’s one CMAT fan account (@2wrecked2care) and it’s fucking hilarious because it’s deeply unhinged and I love it.

I talk about Miss Piggy all the time and how much I love the Muppets.

They’ve just started to post pictures of Miss Piggy edited to look like me.

Some fan, somewhere, editing pictures to make Miss Piggy look like me!

I should be angry about this but I fucking love it.”

Words: Sophia McDonald

Photos Sarah Doyle


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