Choice Covers: JyellowL – 2020 D|Vision 

Posted February 10, 2021 in Design, Music

DDF apr-may-24 – Desktop

Continuing our series of chats with Choice Music Prize nominees on the story behind their album artwork, we check in with JyellowL.

Who did you collaborate with on the cover?

It was a collaboration between myself, my manager and Tessy photography. We had an hour in the studio to go through different concepts.

How did this come about?

Tessy is a photographer that I’d always wanted to work with so, when it was time for my album, I reached out to her for the shoot.

Did you have a definitive idea as to how you wanted it to look?

I had a couple of concepts to go through but funnily enough when we got there and saw the props in the studio, we immediately developed a whole new concept with the bathtub and the shipwreck

Was there a starting point and criteria or free reign?

I try not to be too rigid with my creativity so I’m not married to ideas. I very much had free reign and we created the concept on the spot.

Does the final artwork align with the aesthetic and sound of the album?

Yeah, absolutely, because it encapsulates all the themes of the album.

What does it say?

The imagery of sinking to the bottom of the ocean signifies the overwhelming nature of 2020, the shipwreck in the background speaks to that. Total chaos in the background but at the bottom of the sea bed, in a bathtub fully clothed with blindfolds on, is a blissfully ignorant JyellowL shutting it all out.

Favourite album cover(s)?

Jay Z’s American Gangster gave me Frank Lucas vibes


2014 Forest Hills Drive ( J. Cole) made me feel very nostalgic about moments I never even personally lived

Stormzy’s Gang Signs & Prayers artwork really suited the album perfectly

WizKid – Made in Lagos, really captured the essence of Lagos

Burna Boy- African Giant is just a classic. Don’t need to say too much.

The winner of the Choice Music Awards 2020 will be announced on March 4.


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