Who is a Blogger on Social Media: A Detailed Definition

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We all have an idea of what a blogger is. You may imagine them as someone with a website where they post journal-length entries of what’s on their mind. But in the age of social media, the definition of blogging has become murkier. Is everyone who uses social media a blogger? Or is it only certain people? This post will hopefully answer this mystery. But first, learn how you can buy Instagram followers from ViralGrowing.

First, What is a Blogger? Explaining What a Blogger, Vlogger, and Influencer Is

To answer this question, let us look at the dictionary definition of a blogger. The definition describes a blogger as someone who writes regularly for a website or online journal. The term was invented in 1997, and it’s short for weblog. However, the act of blogging has been around since the invention of the internet itself.

Usually, bloggers are one of two people. The first consists of people who use their blog like their personal diary. They will type about various experiences, and people usually follow them because their lives are exciting or their writing is good.

The second is niche-focused bloggers. These bloggers are people who have a specific interest or niche that they enjoy. They may write about their hobbies, political views, and anything else. Usually, their posts may not talk about their personal lives or go too far away from their niche.

Many bloggers will make money through their writings, usually through affiliate links or ads. However, some bloggers do it because they love writing and building a community.


Another term you may hear is a vlogger. This term refers to someone who communicates through video rather than written words. Vloggers usually do so via YouTube or a similar website since these sites have good video players.

Sometimes, a blogger can also be a vlogger. For example, they may write a blog and then embed a video giving their thoughts via video in the blog.


An influencer promotes products by making posts or videos about them. As such, there are many similarities between influencers and bloggers. However, bloggers tend to promote products by writing reviews. Meanwhile, an influencer may have a more personal connection by discussing how they use the product daily.

The Differences Between a Blogger/Vlogger and Influencer

It’s easy to understand the differences between bloggers and vloggers. One uses the written word, while the other uses video. But since an influencer also uses video and writing, what is the difference?

It can be challenging, as both have similarities. You may follow a blogger and influencer because you enjoy their personality and trust their opinion on specific issues. However, an influencer focuses on just that: being influential.

Because of this, influencers will have different strategies than bloggers. For example, a blogger will inform their audience that a post is sponsored. Meanwhile, an influencer may make it more organic. They may make a video of themselves trying on makeup and mention the brand.

While bloggers and influencers may have unique personalities that make their audience love them, the influencer focuses more on the personality. Some people will follow a blog just because the niche interests them. The writing and personality can appear wooden, but the subject matter fascinates the person.

Blogging vs. Social Media

The waters become murky when it comes to blogging versus just posting on social media. Bloggers often post a lot about their lives, and so do social media users. Some social media profiles may have interests the user focuses on, similar to blogging. To make things murkier, some websites advertise themselves as blogging. For example, Twitter claimed to be a “microblogging service.”

Some people have tried to differentiate the two. These people usually define a blogger as one who has more creative control. The argument is that a social media user must abide by the platform’s terms of service, while a blogger doesn’t have to. Bloggers can also edit or delete their posts.

However, this definition falls apart in some ways. First, many social media websites let you edit your content, adding more to your post. Second, even bloggers are subject to rules. For example, if you blog using Blogger, you have community guidelines you must follow. There are certain things that they don’t allow, such as pornography. And even if you make your own website, you may have to deal with the rules the hoster has set up.

Another alleged difference is the audience and focus. The argument is that blogs have a more targeted audience, while social media has a broader audience. A blog tends to focus on specific topics or niches, while social media is more broad.

But this is not the case, either—many blogs consist of a person’s personal diary. Meanwhile, social media profiles can have a specific niche that attracts an audience.

Finally, a proposed difference is the goals of social media. Blogging is about sharing information and building a community around a niche, while social media is for connecting and promoting oneself. However, bloggers can also be about forming connections and promoting their business, and vice versa.

The differences appear to be semantics. Usually, someone will identify as a blogger or believe they are more of a social media personality.

But to answer the question of “What is a blogger on social media?” We believe someone posts about specific interests or uses social media to make detailed posts. Meanwhile, a regular social media user may use the platform to connect with friends and occasionally talk about their thoughts. But again, this is our definition, and some people may have their own opinions.

Final Thoughts

Whether you consider yourself a blogger or social media influencer, having a content plan is vital. You should have an idea of your target audience and the niche you will cover, and you should engage with them. You can amass a following and make money doing what you love by following these steps.


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