What You Should Know About Business Envelopes – Sizes and Types?

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Most businesses, whether large or small scale, typically use two kinds of envelopes for their business activities: 10 envelopes or window envelopes. To save cost and avoid running out, it’s always better to buy envelopes in bulk from a reliable platform like Bestbuyenvelopes. Bestbuyenvelopes is an ideal platform to purchase these envelopes for your business. At Bestbuyenvelopes, you can also get other kinds of envelopes for home use and other special occasions.

Businesses prefer to use 10 envelopes and window envelopes because they can be used to send mails effectively. Another unique feature of these envelopes is that they come in different sizes and types.

What is a 10 Envelope ?

10 envelopes can come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. This kind of envelope is suitable for business and other mailing purposes. It often has a flap at the back and a solid front without a window. It finds great use in invoice mailing, check provisions, financial statements, and many other business-inclined purposes.

This envelope is probably the most widely accepted business envelope. One reason for its popularity is because it offers the option of customization. Users can add unique touches to the envelope to enhance its appearance and make it more related to their business before mailing. For example, a business can put its logo on the envelope to make it look more unique and formal.

What is a Window Envelope ?

This is another popular envelope for businesses. This envelope is different from 10 envelopes as it comes with a window that carries the address of the individual or business receiving the mail. The window is made transparent so the recipient’s address can be seen without an opening envelope.

A window envelope offers many advantages to every business that relies on envelopes. The transparent window gives it a unique and identifiable appearance, making it look more professional for business transactions. Window envelopes also help save time. You don’t need to print the address on each envelope you want to use since it can be seen on paper through the window.

10 and Window Envelopes: Sizes and Types

These envelopes come in different sizes and types as stated above. The size of the 10 envelopes is 4 ⅛ by 9 ½. Peel to seal and security tint are two common types of 10 envelopes. The window envelopes come in different sizes; 4 ⅛ by 9 ½ and 3 ⅝ by 6 1/2 are two of the most popular sizes. The window envelope also has different types. The gummed and self-seal window envelopes are the two popular sizes.

10 envelopes and Window envelopes are considered as the most suitable types of envelopes for small-scale, medium-scale, and large-scale businesses. They offer unique features which enable users to carry out business transactions formally while protecting the integrity of the documents within. Their aesthetic features are another unique characteristic of these envelopes. Businesses can send mails with these envelopes using the size or type they prefer.


Bestbuyenvelopes sells some of the best types of envelopes for business transactions and non-business purposes. What’s more, these envelopes are incredibly affordable and available for bulk purchase.


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