What is our Sixth Sense?

Posted July 4, 2022 in More

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Have you ever wondered what your sixth sense is? Or how we can develop it? The sixth sense is the ability to feel and see the “unseen world.”

This is the sense that is widely used by trusted psychics when giving people guidance.

It is more widely known as the intuition of gut feeling. This is a skill that we all have the ability to improve at.

Developing this intuition can feel incredibly empowering and a sure way to build our confidence.

There are a few things we can try to strengthen our sixth sense:


1. Meditate and connect with the environment around you

The first step in developing your intuition is to quieten your mind through meditation. This helps you to slow down and live in the present. By doing so, you are able to connect to your surroundings.

By slowing down and taking time to feel the energy in the room, you can start to take notice of patterns and how they make you feel.

The next time you have to make a decision – try not to rush it. Instead, take a moment to go inwards and check-in with how you are feeling. Try to follow your senses.


2. Keep track of your dreams

Another easy way to connect with your intuition is to keep track of your dreams. This is a way our intuition tries to come through to us.

Dreams are often considered to work hand-in-hand with our sixth sense. Sometimes they might not make sense, but they are actually filled with symbolism.

Start keeping track of your dreams in a journal. As soon as you wake up, write down what you remember. Once you get in a good habit of doing so, you will begin to notice recurring themes and start to make sense of them.


3. Your inner voice

There is much more to life than what we can see or hear – we have just been taught to ignore it. Through this, we have also learnt to suppress our inner voice. But, this voice is usually right and a fantastic guiding tool.

After following steps one and two, you will start to hear this inner voice more clearly.

Image Credit: Pawel Szvmanski, Unsplash


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