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The creative industries are some of the most dynamic and innovative sectors to work in, full of interesting people, artistic storytelling, and innovative technology. Here we take a deeper look at some of the lesser-known professions associated with the film and photographic industry and see how Griffith can help you fill those gaps on your CV.


Cinematographer: Unveiling the Art of Cinematography

Cinematography is the art form of visual storytelling through moving images. At its core the practice of cinematography requires highly technical skilled people to create the mood and feel of a film. In this intensive Certificate in Digital Cinematography delivered by industry professionals, we bring you on a deep dive into the moving image creation process. Covering everything from camera operations, lighting, composition, lens selection and camera movement, through to, image mastering and grading.

This practical industry focused programme is designed to meet the demands of people seeking to train, retrain or upskill in the creative industries.  Through practical workshops, guest speakers and fieldtrips we create a space environment which encourage you to experiment and express yourselves creatively. This programme is an excellent launch pad into the professional world of film making and content creation.

Niall Flynn, is a Producer and Lighting Director with 15 years’ experience in the industry, working across a wide range of creations from feature films to advertisements. He teaches Cinematography at Griffith College, bringing in a wealth of experience to the table. Within Griffith College’s Certificate in Digital Cinematography and Image Grading, Niall helps learners understand the psychology of cinematography. He says, “I aim to bring the students very practical information to build strong technical foundations of the career with specialist lighting knowledge and grip solutions. Helping them learn the true meaning of production value and what it takes to make a production free flowing while maintaining creativity and high-end results.”

Jaro Waldeck, is an award-winning cinematographer, director and stills photographer. She also serves as Vice Chair of Women in Film and TV Ireland,  and a lecturer for Cinematography, she finds immense joy in imparting her knowledge to the next generation of filmmakers. She says, “In an academic setting like Griffith College, learning cinematography is done in a supportive and encouraging environment, where students are immersed in creative thinking and hands-on learning about filmmaking.”

Photography: The Language of Visual Storytelling

Photography is a powerful medium that goes beyond language barriers and connects people through visual storytelling. It serves as a unique way to convey messages, emotions, and ideas. With the rise of digital technology, photography has become more accessible than ever, making it essential to understand its ways and techniques.

Pursuing this award-winning certificate in photography enhances your credibility and unlocks diverse opportunities within the photography industry. Griffith College’s Certificate in Photography is your path to learning from seasoned professionals and gaining real-world insights. This hands-on approach enhances your skills, preparing you for a successful photography career.

Johnny Savage, is an award-winning freelance photographer and videographer, with over 10 years’ experience lecturing on our Photography programmes. He enjoys witnessing students’ growth and the evolution of their work. Johnny says there is great satisfaction, “mentoring somebody with an idea and helping them realise it and shooting a project relevant to an overall practice or portfolio. Each student is unique and has different ideas and interests they want to explore; my job is to help them do that with practical skills like lighting or how to direct a portrait shoot.”

The course helps provides a structured and comprehensive knowledge in the art and fundamentals of photography, covering everything from composition and lighting to post-processing and editing. This knowledge is invaluable for those aspiring to become expert photographers.

Kevin Fox, is an award-winning photographer and videographer, Kevin owns and runs Weshoot.ie, shooting for clients such as Gym+Coffee, Lennon Courtney and Lifestyle Sports. With over 20 years of industry experience Kevin imparts his commercial and documentary expertise, he emphasizes the relevance of real-world skills in an increasingly competitive industry. “Knowledge of software and image processing is as important as a creative ability. Drive, diligence, and an ability to learn at a fast pace are key for any student entering the photographic industry. Remaining open to experiences is also crucial.

After 15 years of teaching, I’ve found that many students come to Griffith College and feel they want to be one kind of photographer, perhaps sports, fashion or portraiture, however, with exposure to other disciplines, many find that they are actually great studio or wedding photographers and see how they can expand their visual content creation in the industry.

In a world where photography is powerful vehicle of expression and communication, Griffith College stands tall as your gateway to mastering these artistic skills and launching a career in the dynamic world of visual storytelling.” You can see samples of our student & graduate work on @Griffithcollegephoto

Check out our Certificate in Digital Cinematography and Image Grading, and Certificate in Photography today, at Griffith College.


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