Tips For Relaxing and Getting a Great Night’s Rest

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Are you looking to get a great night’s sleep and improve your mood, health and how you take on the day? Read on.


Dim Your Lights In The PM

When it comes to relaxing before bed, there are many things that you can do. One of them is dimming your lights in the evening.

When you have bright lights in your home, this actually makes you more energetic and awake. So, if you want to feel more relaxed, you need to adjust the lighting.

By dimming the lights at least an hour before you’re ready to sleep, it will let your body know that it is almost time for bed.

Dim lights will provide a gentle glow that will naturally work to relax your mind and body. You should dim your lights and listen to relaxing music and this will definitely help you to relax and remove stress from your life.


Take Off Electronics

Now, before you go to bed, you should turn off your electronics so you can get a chance to detox from them. This means putting away your phone. This will actually help your mind to calm down.

You should make this into a routine and when its 30 to 60 minutes before bedtime, make sure to take off your electronic devices. You should only turn them back on when you wake up in the morning. These devices include tablets, smart phones, televisions, laptops etc. When you use these devices to look at emails, shows, social media etc, the light actually makes you feel more alert which would hamper your ability to rest and sleep when you hit your comfortable latex topper.


Take A Relaxing Bath

A nice and relaxing bath with some candles is an excellent way to wind down from a long day. It will not only help you to relax but also de-stress.

You should make this bath a part of your nightly routine. You can use bath salts, essential oils and even your favorite bath bombs. Bath salts are great for detoxification and essential oils are great for promoting relaxation.


Drink Warm Drinks

When you drink a warm and calming drink after you’ve taken a bath, this can help you to unwind a great deal.

For example, you can drink some warm milk or even chamomile tea before bed. The milk promotes sleep and when you drink chamomile tea with honey in it, it will deeply relax you.  There are plenty of health supplements such as Valerian root and others such as CBD that can help you sleep and Unwind before bedtime.


Do Meditation Or Yoga

By doing light yoga along with breathing exercises, it can also help you to relax before bedtime. If you enjoy spirituality, then you can do meditation or even pray.

When you do these things, it will promote an alpha mind state. This is a relaxing state with light daydreams. This is a great way to reduce your stress and have a great start to the next day.



Another way to relax is to read a book you enjoy.

Fiction allows you to escape the current reality which reduces stress, tension and promotes relaxation.

It is better to read an actual physical book as oppose to an electronic book.

If you have to help your kids get ready for bed, reading to them is a great way to help them get sleepy.


Record Your Thoughts On Paper

One of the reasons many people can’t relax at night is because they’re thinking about all the things they have to do the next day. So, you can deal with this by making a to-do list with everything you need to do about an hour before bedtime.

If you have other things on your mind, writing them down can help you to gain clarity. Once you’ve done so, put away your notes and go to bed and then look at them again the next day.

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