The surprising benefits of smartphone gaming

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Although reading a classic book and watching a movie like The Innocents is a favoured choice for many when boredom sets in, the fact that we have a smartphone device that is capable of housing an array of games is attractive to others. In fact, from Durban to Dublin, smartphone gaming is booming right now.

In the same way we shouldn’t fall into a sedentary lifestyle by watching too much television on the sofa, smartphone gaming should almost certainly be enjoyed in moderation. Once a balance has been established, there are a number of surprising benefits that can be achieved through a dedicated gaming session on a miniature handheld device. Whether you’re exploring the variety of themes at an online casino, like jungle-themed games and space-related products, or turning to popular console-quality games, such as Fortnite, mobile gaming can engage our brains and provide a range of benefits along the way. Let’s take a look at some of them below.

Mobile gaming can improve dexterity

For people who struggle with dexterity, a quick session of a mobile phone game on a daily basis can improve hand movement given its small size and the need to master a variety of controls by holding a miniature device. Games such as Angry Birds and Pokemon Go require a number of finger and hand movements that will enable you to improve your all-round dexterity in the process.

It can help with problem solving

It’s entirely dependent on the type of game you opt to play, but certain games can really improve problem solving in people. Puzzle products and titles such as Professor Layton can train our brains and help us challenge our thinking in order to uncover the correct answer. There are an endless amount of problem solving titles in the mobile gaming arena, too.


Helps improve concentration

This isn’t solely related to mobile gaming but more gaming as a whole, but playing a game is a sure-fire way of improving concentration. For instance, if there are games where success is determined by how many levels you advance through, that challenge requires concentration to go as far as possible. A dedicated session requires a great deal of thinking and brainwork, making certain games aid concentration on the whole.

 Mobile gaming brings people together

Mobile gaming enables people to connect with each other on a daily basis. Friends and family members are aiming to rumble killers on spaceships in games such as Among Us, while new friends are being made in games with large communities of players like Pokemon Go. Other popular games that are helping people to join forces for a solid dose of entertainment include the likes of Words with Friends 2 and Scrabble also, with more and more people forming and maintaining relationships through a selection of mobile titles.

You might learn a thing or two

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There are even some educational games that are in high demand in the modern world also. For instance, games like Lightbot are teaching young gamers how to code. Additionally, hugely popular geographical browser games such as GeoGuessr are teaching people to learn about specific locations around the world as they enjoy some fun and entertainment along the way. The options don’t end there either, with a huge library of educational games providing gamers with plenty of learning during an average gaming session.

You might even lose some weight

By downloading Pokemon Go’s augmented reality offering, players can lose some weight and stay in shape while playing the game. With the option of taking down gyms and hatching eggs the more you play, Pokemon Go’s required walking is unique.

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