The Many Forms Of CBD – Find The Best One For You

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If you ask professional cannabis growers, they will tell you that CBD is the most valuable part of this “plant of the future”. CBD is basically an abbreviation of the word cannabidiol which is a cannabinoid that is naturally found in plants of the cannabis family. We started with a lot of words that begin with the prefix can – and they are all quite similar, so let’s explain them a bit.

Cannabinoids – are chemical substances that are naturally synthesized and found in the cannabis plant. What characterizes these plants are cannabinoids, and they are special because they can cause some positive changes in our bodies after use. You’ve probably heard of some of them, like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), cannabinol (CBN), cannabidiol (CBND), and others.

CBD is also one of them. Cannabidiol (CBD) is special because of its healing properties. The ancient Egyptians, Chinese and Indian people used it to prevent various diseases and alleviate their symptoms. They got it from the hemp plant by squeezing oil from it or boiling its leaves and drinking it as tea.

And how does CBD affect us? Like other cannabinoids, CBD has a similar structure to endocannabinoids which actually allows them to cause a reaction in our body. Endocannabinoids are substances that our body produces to activate cannabinoid receptors. These cannabinoid receptors are actually the key to this whole story because through them cannabinoids affect our body.

Today, many patients take cannabinoids for chronic pain, including pain caused by cancer. Unlike pharmaceutical analgesics, CBD oil has no severe side effects. If taken in combination with analgesics, the oil can suppress the development of tolerance to them and lower the dose needed for analgesic effect.

  1. Dry Flower

CBD flower can be used in a variety of ways, including being added to foods and beverages or simply be enjoyed on its own. The best way to use dry CBD flower is to grind them up using a grinder. This will help to release the cannabinoids and terpenes, making them more bioavailable. Once the CBD flower is ground, it can be added to tea, coffee, or other foods and drinks. It can also be sprinkled on top of food or mixed into smoothies. CBD flower can also be enjoyed by simply taking a small handful and enjoying the flavor and aroma. No matter how you choose to use it, dry CBD flower is a great way to enjoy all that CBD has to offer.

2. Vapes

A vape is an electronic smoking device that emits steam. It is a metal tube with a hole from which the smoker inhales steam by pressing a special button. Inside the device, there is a tank for aromatic liquid, a heating element with fleece, and a battery.

Before inhaling the steam, the vape user digs the liquid into the device, which may be tasteless or have fruit, berries, or other flavors. Since it is an electronic cigarette, you must first refill it from the socket. Many people who use vapes believe that electronic cigarette is much safer compared to traditional cigarettes.

  1. Edibles

CBD, in addition to vapes, can also be ingested by eating. More and more products with this compound are appearing on the market every day. So we have gummy candies, cookies, CBD-enriched water, chocolates, and muesli bars. Of all the options to take CBD orally, gummy candies are the best choice for several reasons.

Namely, cookies are baked, and CBD is useful only up to 150 degrees C. Each degree over that temperature changes the structure of this compound so its full effectiveness in cookies is questionable. CBD water is something that manufacturers advertise as an amazing product, but you should know that the amount of CBD in this water is so small that you should drink about 8 liters to meet the body’s daily need for this compound.

Chocolates and muesli bars are good ways to take CBD because dosing is very easy. Candies are, for several reasons, the best way to take CBD. The first is a pleasant taste, and the second is double action. Namely, when you chew candies, a part of CBD is immediately absorbed through the mucous membrane of the mouth. The rest is excreted by passing through the digestive tract. In that way, the effect of CBD is prolonged and lasts from 6 to 8 hours.

  1. Tinctures

CBD tinctures are alcohol-based cannabis extracts. They are a starting point for all those who (for medical as well as recreational reasons) want to get the most out of the CBD.

In which cases does it make sense to consume CBD hemp tincture? The tincture you will make according to the instructions below contains all cannabinoids and bioactive cannabis compounds, including CBD. CBD tinctures are used for sleep problems, to relieve tension and stress, and for anxiety, and depression. Tinctures can also be used to relieve pain and treat inflammation.

  1. Capsules

Cannabis capsules allow you to ingest CBD in a more discreet way. Also, the dosing is very precise. With cannabis capsules, the doses are already properly dosed into each capsule so there is no chance you will go wrong. You simply consume the capsule and wait for it to take effect.

  1. Topicals

CBD topicals contain cold-pressed CBD which helps your skin to restore the disturbed balance. They contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids that act in synergy. With over 140 different cannabinoids and a total of over 1060 biologically active ingredients, CBD topicals can help solve many health problems. CBD topicals have anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and are extremely effective in relieving all types of cramps. They speed up circulation and restore cellular activity.

  1. Oils

CBD oil and health go hand in hand because of the many benefits it provides. Whereas cannabis used to be treated and considered as a drug, now the time has come for this plant to get its true significance through the beneficial CBD oil.


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