The Importance of Having Travel Insurance When Travelling from Dublin Airport 

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When it comes to booking a holiday the last thing anyone thinks of is travel insurance of which is usually left till the last minute. To some people, it can seem unnecessary, but it is essential if you are travelling from Dublin Airport or even from overseas to protect not only the holiday but also you and your family. Even the best-unplanned trips away can be impacted by the unexpected. Expensive holiday disasters such as lost luggage and possessions, flight cancellations, or even a medical emergency can strike at any time.


What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is a policy designed to cover the costs and losses associated with travelling. It is very useful for anyone travelling abroad or domestically. Travel packages through a travel agent will also offer travel insurance policies. There are many categories for travel insurance, these include baggage and personal effects cover, cancellation or interruption cover, accidental death or flight accident cover, trip cancellation, and medical cover. Some policies also include 24/7 emergency services such as re-booking cancelled flights and replacing lost passports.


Types of Travel Insurance Policies?

There are several different types of travel insurance policies you can avail of, however, the type of policy you choose depends on where you are going, who you are travelling with, and how many trips you plan on making in the next 12 months.

  • Single Trip Insurance
  • Multi-trip or annual policy
  • Backpacker travel insurance
  • Business travel insurance
  • 65+ travel insurance


Single Trip Insurance 

Single trip insurance covers you for 1-2 holiday trips. (It is generally more cost-effective).


Multi-trip or annual policy 

Multi-trip or annual covers you if you are travelling more than 2 times in 12 months. It is generally the cheapest policy.


Backpacker travel insurance 

Backpacker travel cover is ideal for those travelling for long-term trips. So, whether you are moving from Ireland to another country or going on a backpacking trip, you can avail of insurance for up to 365 uninterrupted days.


Business travel insurance 

Take the worry out of your business trip and get covered for your trip away, including airport transfers with business travel insurance.


65+ travel insurance 

65+ travel insurance is a policy designed for those looking to travel over the age of 65.


What does Travel Insurance cover?

Depending on the cover you choose, travel insurance covers a broad range of possible losses and damages.

  • Baggage and Personal Effects Coverage
  • Cancellation Cover
  • Medical Cover
  • Theft and loss of money
  • Legal expenses
  • Missed or delayed departure


Baggage and Personal Effects Coverage 

Baggage and personal effects cover protects damaged, stolen, or lost belongings while you are travelling. It may include cover during travel to and from Dublin Airport and abroad. Most airlines will reimburse a traveller if the luggage is destroyed or lost due to their fault. Baggage cover provides you with greater protection, giving you peace of mind.


Cancellation Cover

Cancellation cover reimburses a traveller for non-refundable and prepaid travel expenses. Providers vary on the acceptable cancellation and the amount of reimbursement available. The most accepted and common reasons include a death in the immediate family, weather-related issues, an illness, and a sudden business conflict.


Medical Cover 

Medical travel insurance cover comes in 2 types these include short term cover and major medical cover. Short term policy covers a traveller from 5 days to 1 year. Major medical coverage is for a traveller who plans on travelling for longer ranging from 6 months to 1 year or more. Medical cover can help locate healthcare and doctor facilities and help pay for medical expenses. The price can vary between travel insurance policies.


Theft and loss of money

Most travel insurance policies cover the loss or theft of money up to a certain limit. Should you lose your money, then at least you have a good policy is in place to keep you protected.


Legal expenses 

If you require legal advice due to someone injuring you while travelling, then travel insurance policies cover the cost of the legal expenses.


Missed or delayed departure 

Delayed departures from Dublin Airport or missing a flight quite common. It could be a personal issue, an airline issue, or a natural hazard. In these types of cases, you will be refunded or reimbursed a specific amount as per the policy you hold.


Steps to making a claim on your travel insurance?

  • Purchase the right policy 

The key to making a successful claim is to purchase the right insurance policy. There are many policies available so always make sure you have the right ones in place. Individual needs do vary and the unexpected does occur, especially when on holidays.

  • Always read the small print of the policy 

Once you have a policy that suits you, it is important that you read the small print terms and conditions of the policy. It may seem a little boring but reading through the policy will help you understand how it works and prepare you if a disaster occurred while you were on holiday. Always make sure there is nothing in the terms and conditions that could stop you from making a claim if required.

  • Pack your insurance documents 

Always pack all your insurance documents. Your documents will outline what policy you have. Always keep a copy of your policy number and insurance contact details on your phone. This can make a massive difference if you need to make a medical claim.

  • Obtain a claims form 

There are several ways to obtain a claims form, you can call your insurance provider and ask them to post the form to you or you can go to your insurance provider website and download the form. When filling in your details you will also be required to send all additional paperwork or evidence to support your claim. All evidence you provide will assist the claims team in assessing your claim. All paperwork should be scanned and be good quality copies of the originals. There will be a delay in your claim being assessed if you do not send all the appropriate documentation.

  • Get your claim in on time 

All travel insurance claims must be made within a specific time frame which will be detailed on your insurance policy. Most insurance companies state you must make your claim within 28 days of returning home. If you do not make your claim on time, it will not be considered. Always keep in contact with your insurer in case there are delays in making your claim.


Purchasing Travel Insurance 

According to Collins Travel, travel insurance varies with insurance companies on the types of coverage, exclusions, and costs. It would be beneficial to research online every insurer to find the cheapest quote to save you money in the long run. As a buyer, you should always read and understand all disclosure statements before purchasing an insurance policy. Insurance is available in single, and annual, policies. The premium cost of the insurance is based on the type of cover provided, the destination, the cost of the trip, and the traveller’s age. Standard per trip policies cost between 4-10% of the trip’s cost.

Always include travel insurance for travelling from Dublin Airport and abroad. The money you pay for the insurance will give you peace of mind knowing if a disaster strikes at any time you are covered.

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