The Growing Popularity of CBD Oil For Dogs in Ireland

Posted February 18, 2021 in More

With CBD oil now widely available through a variety of health stores, specialist hemp shops and online hemp eCommerce stores, one interesting development is the way in which the use of CBD oil for dogs has started to mirror the popularity of CBD oil for humans in Ireland.

Since CBD is a naturally sourced anti-inflammatory which can help to relieve pain and inflammation, the extension of the use of CBD oil beyond humans to animals seems to be a logical next step. However, animal owners often have questions about giving CBD oil to their dogs and cats.

This article will explore some of these questions, including what the experience of Irish pet owners tells us about using CBD oil for dogs. We will also seek answers to some practical issues, including best practice in administering CBD oil to pets for the first time.

Can you give CBD Oil to animals?

A recent study indicates that up to 35% of Irish households share their homes with members of the animal kingdom, with cats and dogs proving the most popular choice of household pet. With a canine or feline companion the nearest humans get to living with another species, such close proximity often allows pet owners to see the many things that humans and their furry friends have in common. A shared love of fun, doing new things, eating good food and sleeping being just some of the examples that spring to mind.

This is perhaps unsurprising, given that one thing animals have in common with their human counterparts, is that they too have an endocannabinoid (ECD) system. ECD is a complex biological system which has been linked to a number of functions and processes including sleep, stress, appetite and digestion. Research into this particular area of biology is ongoing, but we do know that because animals also possess an ECD system, it is possible for pets such as cats and dogs to enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids such as cannabidiol in the same way as humans.

What does the data say about giving CBD oil to pets?

While for the moment there’s an absence of concrete data from the Scientific Community on the effects of using CBD oil in pets, it is clear that, in recent years, the use of CBD oil in dogs and cats has become increasingly common here in Ireland. With an increasing number of Irish pet owners now giving CBD oil to household pets such as dogs and cats, there is a growing body of anecdotal evidence on internet sites and discussion forums reflecting their personal experience of using CBD oil for dogs, according to

What does the experience of Irish pet owners tell us about using CBD oil for dogs?

Leafing through the reviews of the products on a reputable CBD website which supplies good quality, pressed organic, certified oils, the experience appears to be mostly positive.  One pet owner observes that, “My dog has very bad pain in her joints, and the oil helps her to relax.” Another notes that the application of CBD oil seems to be “very helpful for anxiety and stress relief”, while a third reports that having used the oil to treat their dog’s epilepsy; “We’re on day 8 seizure free”.

While such reviews are far from scientific or definitive, they do suggest that the use of CBD oil for pets can help alleviate pain in cases such as anxiety and joint pain relief. It is also reassuring to know that CBD oil is an all-natural, toxin-free product, and as such is regarded as safe to use for animals.

What if you still have some concerns about giving CBD oil to pets?

The welfare of your pet is paramount, so as with any new product, if you are considering giving CBD oil to your cat or dog and have any concerns about doing so, it is worth contacting your vet, who is well placed to answer any questions you may have on the subject.  If you subsequently decide to give CBD oil to your pet, it is also worth bearing in mind that it is particularly important to keep your pet under careful observation during the initial introductory stages of CBD oil for pets.

How do you give CBD oil to your dog?

Having decided to give CBD oil to their dogs or cats, people often have questions about administering CBD to their animals. The process is very straightforward, with the easiest way to do this is simply by adding it to their food at mealtimes.  Not only is this in accordance with best practice, but an additional benefit of mixing it in with food is that it tends to cover both the smell and the taste.

Some pet oil brands such as Dr. Hemp Me mix in salmon oil to make it easier for your dog to consume CBD oil. This is particularly useful if you have a dog who is suspicious about new additions to their diet, or is a bit fussy about what they will eat. Supervised mealtimes also offer a very easy way for you to monitor how well they adapt to the introduction of CBD oil to their system, and ensure that their welfare is maintained.


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