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There are exaggerated tales about Christopher Columbus’s crew threatening mutiny, terrified that he was a madman about to sail them off the edge of the Earth. These stories are apocryphal because people have, of course, known for hundreds of years that the Earth was round – the ancient Greeks proved it mathematically. Or did they? The Flat Earth Society is an organisation that questions this seemingly indisputable belief that the Earth is a globe. We spoke to the Vice President of the Flat Earth Society, Michael N. Wilmore, to find out why.

Why do you believe the Earth is flat?

I looked out my window this morning and I saw the Earth. It looked flat. That’s what we in the Society call direct sensorial evidence. I find it strange that people trust what other people tell them, but not the evidence of their own eyes The Flat Earth Society is an organisation dedicated to promoting Flat Earth Theory, free thinking and the Zetetic method across the world. Flat Earth Theory, as you might imagine, is a theory that the Earth is not a sphere, but flat. There are several different positions within Flat Earth Theory, differing ideas about how the Earth is actually composed, but all united in their rejection of the globularist dogma.

Globularist dogma?

Many Flat-Earthers feel that the “truth” of round earth theory has not been sufficiently demonstrated. Moreover, many people who believe in the round Earth do not understand the science involved, and are simply accepting the authority of mainstream scientists. They don’t know why they believe in the round Earth, but they live in a world where globularist doctrine is not open to question. That’s where we come in.

So you believe people have been brainwashed?

Brainwashed might be too strong a word, but I do think that most people simply accept what they’re told, instead of investigating the issue themselves. After all, many people just don’t have time to check the veracity of everything we’re told, which is understandable – your job and family are always going to be more important to most people. I mean, there’s a globe in every school in the world, so is it any surprise that our children grow up and take it as given that the Earth is round?

But what about all the pictures from space?

We believe that many of them have been faked. Wouldn’t it be easier to fake pictures than to actually go into space? However, the curvature seen in some other pictures may be explained by the bending of light in the atmosphere, or by the use of different types of lenses. We’ve all seen how a wideangle lens can make a table or a wall look curved. Walls and tables are flat! In most of the cheap balloon experiment videos you can see how the “curvature” of the Earth actually changes throughout the footage. Even mainstream so-called “scientists” admit that the Earth, to the naked eye, is flat when viewed from passenger aircraft – although many people report that they can see curvature.

Even if we were to believe the pictures were faked, is there not a lot of other science that proves the Earth is round? Gravity makes things round, the moon, sun, and other planets are round, and all the water in the seas doesn’t flow off the world!

There are a number of explanations for all of these phenomena. This reflects the lively community of Flat-Earthers, and the spirit of research, scepticism and investigative thought in Flat Earth Theory. Today, the most commonly held theory is that the Earth is a planar disc, bound by a rim continent which in Round Earth Theory is known as Antarctica – this icy wall holds the seas and oceans on the disc. The planar earth is accelerating upwards at 9.8m/s2, simulating the effects of what Round-Earthers call gravity – all perfectly in line with Einstein’s theory of special relativity. According to this theory if you went over the ice wall you might fall off, or you might be suspended in space by the same force that accelerates the Earth. There are, however, newer, alternative theories. Many now believe that the Earth is an infinite plane in which gravity is produced in the same way as Round Earth Theory (attraction due to mass) but as an infinite plane doesn’t have a centre of gravity it doesn’t form a sphere. In this model the plane could be completely covered in ice, our world just being a circular break in the ice, kept from freezing by our sun rotating over the equator. Of course this means there could be other “Earths” melted out of the ice by other suns. There are variations on both of these models, and no central dogma, which I think shows our emphasis on free thought and open discussion.

With respect to other celestial bodies, such as the Moon and Sun, again different people within the Flat Earth Society hold different views. Some believe that they are spherical, others that they are also flat discs. There are also those who think that effects of aether and the bending of light prevent us from seeing the celestial bodies as they really are. We at the Flat Earth Society aren’t trying to preach one theory as the truth, we try to encourage people to question everything and take nothing for granted. We support the true origins of the scientific method – which have been misused in mainstream culture and has unfortunately become another way to pull the wool over the public’s eyes.

So who’s keeping us in the dark about this?

We just refer to them as “The Conspiracy” and believe they are an supranational organisation which runs the space agencies which feeds misinformation to the world’s governments and the general public. Even the entry of private companies into the space exploration business seems suspect. Most of them have ties to the major space agencies. Even the long-promised space tourism, first announced in the 60’s, has failed to materialise. Richard Branson’s empty promises are just something to throw us off the scent. Virgin Galactic is the latest in the line of promos to keep the public thinking that they’re being shown proof of the Earth’s roundness when they’re really been shown nothing at all. Even the logo of the UN is conspicuously similar to the standard flat earth model – a cruel display of how far the conspiracy reaches. We believe that the motives are primarily financial, all the money from the “space programs” is diverted to The Conspiracy, but could also be due to a lust for power.

How do you intend to combat the conspiracy?

One convert at a time! We have a long history of questioning the accepted “truths” and providing more and more proof of the planar nature of our earth. The Flat Earth Society traces its roots to the Universal Zetetic Society formed in 1870 who used to published journals and books, hold meetings and conduct experiments. The membership records have been lost several times, forcing the society to start over. The modern iteration of the Society was restarted in 2004 and we now have over 400 paid-up members. Our first member from our rebirth is 1980s synthpop legend Thomas Dolby – you must know his track Hyperactive from his album The Flat Earth? No? It was in GTA: Vice City! Anyway, the paid membership only just covers the cost of the membership pack – we’re really asking for open minds, not open wallets. The main focus of the Society’s activities are our online forums with over 30,000 users and a new user every hour.

We invite everyone to shift their world-view, because we believe that what goes around comes around, and the earth doesn’t.

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Words: John Hyland
Illustrations: Sophia Stengler


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