The 10 Sports that Irish People Love Betting on This Year!

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Top 10 Sports Irish People Prefer to Bet on in 2023

Ireland is a place where people are crazy about watching sports. Besides enjoying sports on their TV screens, they also like bet at Curacao bookmakers to earn real cash. Irish people make a massive community on various gambling sites and are pretty strategic when placing good bets. They make sure to wager on sports they know about because they know how important it is to learn about a sport before betting on it. 

If you want to know about the Irish betting world, you must wonder which sports they bet on the most! Well, we have a clear answer to that. Read today’s blog to learn the top sports Irish people wager on! 

Betting in Ireland: What Is It All About? 

If you are unsure whether betting in Ireland is legal, rest assured it is! Our experts have discovered that several betting sites in Ireland are legal for punters. They have a proper gambling license from renowned authorities and function following all the rules of responsible betting. 

A considerable portion of sports lovers in Ireland love betting on various kinds of sports in online and offline bookies of the country. Online bookmakers have plenty of sports to offer to punters. They also provide complete security to gamblers with proper terms and conditions and security policies. Many foreigners complement the country for having one of the safest gambling hubs in the world, and Ireland boasts of it with pride. 

Online bookies in Ireland also have several payment options, so punters worldwide can take part on the betting sites. Ireland is one such country that encourages even foreign betting sites to open ventures in their country. It helps the gambling market in Ireland to flourish smoothly without facing any unwanted challenges from the government. 

If you reside in Ireland and want to participate in sports betting, you are very much welcome by the betting shops in Ireland. They will give you immense fun and adventure that you will remember forever! 

List of Top Popular Sports to Bet in Ireland

Now you must wonder what sports are available in the country to wager on. Well, there are a significant number of sports to gamble on, but if you are keen to enjoy the most, then here’s a list of some of the most popular Irish sports: 

  • Soccer: Be it playing, watching, or betting on the game, soccer has consistently topped the list of sports loved in Ireland. Studies show that over 4.8% of teenagers above 15 years old play soccer in the country, which is rapidly increasing yearly. Besides playing, many people in Ireland also love watching and betting on soccer. The game is also easy to understand, allowing beginners some decent wins. There are hardly any online betting companies in Ireland that do not offer soccer on their list of sports available. 
  • Gaelic football: It is one such sport that almost everybody in Ireland has played as a child or even as an adult. Being such a small country, participation of over 30% in Gaelic football is quite mesmerizing. This sport is fun to play and a pretty nice one to bet on. The rules are simple; hence, even an amateur can bet on it without hassle. Almost all the Irish betting sites have this sport available on their platform! 
  • Golf: From youngsters to the older generation, almost everyone loves golf in this country. The credit of it also goes to Rory Mcllroy, who is one of the finest golfers not just in Ireland but throughout the world. He has won four major titles for the country, making golf even more famous than ever. Besides him, Shane Lowry is also a renowned golfer in Ireland. People in Ireland are huge fans of these two sports icons; hence, their love for golf has increased with each passing day. If you want to bet on golf in Ireland, there are several sites where you can easily do so. We have discussed the compatible betting sites in Ireland later in this blog. 
  • Hurling: This is a sport that is not very commonly heard of in most countries, but if you are from Ireland, you will know how popular it is there. Hurling is often called the fastest sport on the face of the earth, and this fast sport occupies a huge fandom across Ireland. People love betting on hurling vigorously. Around 90% of betting sites in Ireland have this sport listed, making it a perfect choice for sports betting. 
  • Rugby: With around 8% of participation from Ireland in 2022, Rugby has also become one of the most popular sports in the country. The hard work of the Irish Rugby team has kept the game ahead in various spheres besides sports betting. The love for Rugby in Ireland increased even more after the country won the Grand Slam in 1948. From then to now, people haven’t stopped loving this game, so they continue betting on it!
  • Volleyball: It is a game in Ireland that both men and women love, and both genders love betting on it. You can quickly learn more about this game and bet on it! Volleyball is a game with a strong foundation in primary schools; hence, people have a deep connection. 

Where Do Irish People Place Bets?

Sports betting in Ireland is massive; many gambling sites and shops are available there. The betting hubs are also a significant attraction for tourists. Besides the betting shops, the online betting market is also flourishing rapidly in Ireland. If you are looking to bet online in Ireland, here are some bookies we recommend:

  • Bet365: This betting site is trendy in more than one country. It offers over 200,000 live streams of more than ten sports. Bet365 also has an awesome mobile app, so you can bet on any sport of your liking right from your comfort zone. The welcome offer includes 50 euros in free bets if you stake 10 euros, which is quite lucrative considering the meager bonus offered by other bookies in town. 
  • Boylesports: It is a betting site where you will get plenty of variety. It even has live-streaming options for most sports available on its platform. Boylesports also comes with a fancy betting app for Android and iOS users. Among its many superb features, the one we love the most is the ‘combine your odds’ feature, which increases the winning chances exponentially. You must try out this betting site to grab decent real-money wins! 
  • Tonybet: If you want to bet on common sports like football, tennis, golf, and cricket, then this site is the one you must try. It has a fantastic welcome bonus of a 100% deposit bonus of up to 100 euros. Tonybet also contains Esports to bet on!
  • BetVictor: This bookie has a 100% matched bonus of up to 100 euros, an excellent deal for a bettor who wants the best out of discounts and rewards. Here, you can also bet on Irish horse races that are not often available on other betting sites. 

Is It Profitable to Bet on Ireland? 

Betting in any country can be profitable if you know where and how to bet. We have already shared the top betting sites in Ireland. So learn the basics of a sport you like, create your strategies and start betting on one of our recommended sites. And lastly, to answer the question, betting is profitable in Ireland! So go on and place your first bet!


We hope this blog helped you learn a lot about Irish sports betting. Our experts suggest you follow the odds of the bookies we recommend because they are genuine and come from experienced heads of the gambling market. So, when are you placing your bet? Do let us know! 

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