Six things you’re doing wrong on dating apps and how to fix them

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With the world becoming a fast world and a twenty-four-hour working economy, it is becoming difficult to meet new people. The internet has come to our rescue with the introduction of dating apps which have been there for over a decade. According to dating sites in Ireland, there has been an increase in people joining dating sites day in and day out. People have created meaningful relationships and connections, while others have experienced success in dating apps. Here are a few things that one might be doing which might prevent dating app success.


  1. Group shots

Having group shots will bring out the notion that you are not lonely and that you do have people that do actually like you. It would also show that you don’t have one friend, and you get along with people pretty well. However, it is not advisable to have group photos on your profile. Having just group shots in your profile will force people to go through them, looking at people that they do not know and possibly trying to guess which one of them is you. It might also bring out the notion that you can not be independent and might be one who cannot spend any time alone. They either need to have people to go out with or spend their free time with.


An ideal thing to do would be to put up photos of you and your friends doing what you love best which will bring out the best of your values but do it in a minimal way which means that you do have photos of yourself alone that outdo the group ones. Put your group shot at the end of your well-aligned photos after people have already established how you look.


  1. Body shots

Having talked about group shots,  body shots are equally not as much needed. It will be alright to take body shots while having fun in a bar, but it is not as important for people to see you working out and showing your well-toned body or muscles in the gym. It creates a lot of interest in you by potential suitors when there is a little bit of mystery from you. Create your profile for the dating app with a few photos showing a few hobbies and some that will show your best features. Mirror selfies should also be minimal since they don’t bring out such a strong look; if you must take a selfie, set a timer on your phone and pose for a couple of photos.


  1. Ignoring

Setting up a profile is one thing, and holding conversations as well as looking for people that you match up with is something else. Once you decide to get into a dating app, you must decide to go all-in and try to have conversations with people that you match up with once they initiate one. It wouldn’t hurt to chat. It would be up to you to decide if you would like to meet up or not but ignoring for days or not responding at all is not the way to go. You might be losing out on some good opportunities to meet up with super good people and make meaningful connections even when they don’t result in a full-blown relationship as you would have wanted.


  1. Trying to please everyone

It is important to know the difference between ignoring and trying to please everyone. Distinguish what you want, and if someone is not your cup of tea, you are allowed to stop talking to them; you might choose to let them know or not. Creating a profile that you would like to please practically everyone might leave you not pleasing anybody since it might be an overwhelming profile that none can understand. Be honest about what type of love you would expect and if you have joined a dating app for fun, then be clear about that. Being honest will save you great heartache and cause the same to others. Everyone is weird in their different way, and it would help if you let your wild bit come off instead of hiding it. It would help since there might be somebody looking for what all your qualities are.


  1. leaving our things in your profile

To prevent any disappointment while you meet up or get to know each other, it is important to state some basic factors about you, like your height and body type, on your profile. You might have insecurities about having braces, but smiling with your mouth closed may give an impression that there is something wrong with you. Hold your chin up high in some of your photos and show off your beautiful braced teeth or take off your sunglasses in some of them to show off your beautiful tiny eyes. There is someone out there looking for those exact qualities you have.


  1. Conversation etiquette

Once you have your profile set up, it is important to start at a low. You have the same schedule by enrolling in a dating app, but it is important to get the conversation to flow by itself once you get comfortable with each other.  If you don’t know what to say to start a conversation, a ‘Hi, how are you?’ would do it for you. If you need a compliment, you should put off flattery since not everyone would be comfortable with that. Instant flattery will give the impression that you are a flirt and might not be interested in something serious. If you don’t get a response, double messaging might seem a little desperate.



The most important thing is to create a profile that will show who you are and show off your best qualities. Dating apps allow you to judge someone by their photo and how they have described themselves and decide if you would like to know them better. If you are not getting as many matches as you would have desired, I hope the above common mistakes and how to tackle them have been of help—all the best as you set the app you profile.

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