Print’s not Dead: RIP Zine

Posted November 16, 2016 in Print

BIMM may-june 22 – Desktop

Launching this Friday 18th November in the Gallery of Photography in Temple Bar, RIP Zine is the latest project from the team behind Junior magazine, photographers Ellius Grace, George Voronov and Nicholas Harpur proving – despite the name – that print is still alive.

“The zine is very limited edition, 75 copies only, but we’re going to try and get have them stocked in our usual places, plus work we will be wheat pasting up around the city,” explains Ellius Grace.

Having launched the initial edition of Junior magazine, dedicated to the photographic projects of up-and-coming Irish artists, the trio decided to reposition themselves as Junior Press, with an eye on producing a variety of creations and events in between publication of issues of their flagship magazine.



“The zine is a bit of fun, and a way for us to create something exciting and interesting, as well as airing out new and ongoing work,” continues Grace. “We’re experimenting with packaging, design, marketing, and trying to toe the line between high end production and lo-fi methods.”

“We’re planning bigger exhibitions of photographers we want to support, lots of different types of publications on all levels. Events too, basically just seeing how we can put Irish photography out there. We’re also launching a website once it’s done that will have more writing and interviews with people we respect.” 

The Junior Press team will be selling copies of the new zine for €10, as well as an array of prints from the magazine in pairs for €5. Get down to the Gallery of Photography from 6pm on Friday to get your mitts on a copy, or pick one up in Library Project after that.

Words: Ian Lamont

Photos: Stephen Fitzgerald


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