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The Premier League stands tall as a captivating powerhouse of high-octane and exhilarating matches, showcasing a dazzling array of world-class talent hailing from every corner of the globe. It’s earned the coveted distinction of being one of the most beloved and popular leagues in the entire world.

With such resounding approval from the masses, it’s only fitting that the English top-flight becomes an ideal destination for those seeking to engage in thrilling bets and embrace the excitement of the game. So, let’s delve into our top Premier League odds and where you should be placing your bets based on our Premier League betting tips. 

Who’s the favourite to win?

While Manchester City’s favouritism to secure yet another Premier League triumph is evident, with odds of 5/6, we mustn’t forget the valuable lesson from the past season – how swiftly fortunes can change in the world of football.

The captivating drama of last season’s Premier League title race kept fans enthralled as Arsenal valiantly battled Manchester City’s relentless form. Despite leading the way for a significant portion of the campaign, Arsenal ultimately succumbed, and a mere five-point margin separated the two sides at the summit of the table. The inability to maintain the required consistency proved their downfall, paving the way for Manchester City’s triumph.

As the new season approaches, the anticipation for a repeat title battle between these two formidable contenders is palpable. Mikel Arteta’s strategic squad additions during the summer have garnered attention and fuel optimism among Arsenal supporters, and bookies have odds of 9/2 on this team to win. However, the race is far from one-dimensional, with Liverpool, Manchester United and Newcastle United all brimming with aspirations to challenge for the crown.

Notably, Liverpool, guided by the effervescent Jurgen Klopp, has previously emerged as City’s closest competitors and is determined to reclaim that status at odds of 8/1. As the stage is set for another thrilling chapter in the Premier League’s history, fans eagerly await the spectacle of top-tier football and the unexpected twists that define this remarkable league.

Predictions for the top 4

In the previous season, Liverpool, Chelsea and Tottenham experienced the disappointment of missing out on the top four race. In an unexpected turn of events, Newcastle United defied expectations and clinched the coveted fourth position, marking their return to the Champions’ League group stages for the first time since the 2002/2003 season.

Chelsea’s performance was lacklustre, as Graham Potter struggled to strike the right balance within the club’s overblown squad. But under the guidance of Mauricio Pochettino, the Blues are hoping to see a significant improvement this season. Pochettino boasts a commendable track record of guiding his previous Premier League team to European qualification spots.

Meanwhile, Tottenham is determined to reclaim their spot in Europe’s elite competition. Already bolstering their squad with intriguing signings, if they can start the season strongly, they possess the potential to defy expectations and secure a top four finish, riding on the wave of newfound momentum. 

It’s the uncertainty and the thrill of unexpected twists and turns that make the Premier League a riveting spectacle, captivating the hearts of fans worldwide and leaving us eagerly anticipating each twist and turn in the forthcoming season.


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