Ireland is a Tech Hot Spot But Rural Areas Are Being Left In The Dark

Posted February 17, 2020 in More

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The speed at which employment and work is changing is remarkable, especially when you look at Ireland. Last week it was disclosed that well over 23,000 people from all around the world chose to apply for two seasonal jobs that were on the Blasket Islands. The values of Ireland have been reflected by the millions of people who visited the country every single year. Remote and isolated communities are what help to define city living and it’s so important that all of this is taken into account when big decisions are made. On top of this, you have financial suffocation that is caused by housing costs as well. All of this is leading people to explore a much more alternative lifestyle. Remote office working actually gives people the working conditions that they are seeking, but many believe that this is in the private sector alone. This isn’t the case, so let’s look into that a little more.

The Public Sector

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The public sector is crammed with people who commit to the daily grind. They go on long commutes to work and they sit in front of a computer all day. This causes a lot of environmental damage so it’s important to think about the financial costs that are associated with this as well. If 20% of civil servants chose to work from home, much like those who work for an online casino, this would really benefit shops, restaurants and life in rural Ireland.

The problem is that people are still struggling, and even though things should be growing, they are actually grinding to a halt. Families are not seeing the chance to utilise tech so that they can turn their lives around. Some say that it’s actually the responsibility of politicians, business owners and community leaders to try and turn things like this around, but in reality, each town has its own individual needs.

Social Media

When you look deeper into the situation, you will soon find that it’s free to create a Facebook and even Twitter account. They are very easy to run and rural communities are not using them to their full advantage. If people were able to boost the appeal and overall attractiveness of rural Ireland and show that it is a great destination for jobs then this would help cities to fill up and it would also make it much easier for people to get access to the technology that the cities are thriving on. The days of needing a brick and mortar location or even a factory to attract jobs are long gone. Now all you need is a nice, comfy desk and a broadband connection.

Sure, Ireland really is a hot spot for technology but when you look at the countryside, you will soon see that it is somewhat of a blackspot when it comes to employment. It’s time to change this but in order to do that, everyone needs to come together and show the world what Ireland is really made of.


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