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Multi-talented Andy Sweeney’s latest undertaking sees him team up with auctioneer George Gerard Mealy to create SumGood, an innovative social enterprise with positivity and innovation at the heart of everything it does.

The co-founders first worked together at SCOOP Foundation, and their new venture sees them apply the learning and skills gained from that globally focused endeavour, to fund the development of life changing educational programmes aimed at those often left behind in the Ireland of today.

The duo’s efforts currently centre on generating the finance needed for their inaugural project, The KickStart Kitchen. The enterprise offers free professional chef training and networking services to those currently facing barriers to employment in the hospitality sector, while also helping the sector meet some of its recruitment needs.

In practice, the initiative involves a collaboration between SumGood and head chefs and restaurants to offer a training course with unique work placements, designed to produce entry level trainee chefs from all walks of life. This training is focused on those living in Direct Provision, people exiting homelessness services and early school leavers, as well as those from disadvantaged backgrounds and immigrants, with tangible benefits for all concerned.

Long term, SumGood aim to have their own dedicated premises where they can train people each year, help steer them away from the threat of becoming homeless, and ultimately help facilitate a move towards a life changing learning process and new career. To hear more about their work and support future fundraising events including pop-up restaurant events, and live and online art auctions, check out their insta page @sumgoodorg


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