How to Create a Relaxing Garden Space

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There are different options when it comes to adding relaxing and calming elements to a garden design. There are simple features that are going to make your outdoor space stress-free. Some bigger ideas can help you unwind. Below are some tips that will go a long way in helping you transform your garden.


Fragrant Plants

Fragrant plants are good for calming people down and reducing stress, and they also look amazing during the summer and spring.

When you put your time into taking care of your plants, it is also good for your mental health and you are also going to attract wildlife. When you nurture and see the plants grow, it is a rewarding feeling. You are going to get this by gardening.


Creating a sense of enclosure

Your sanctuary is somewhere you can hide and relax. You need to think about creating a feeling of privacy and calm outside your home. your garden area is going to provide you with a good space to do this.

It is natural for humans to want protection from the outside world and our surroundings. There are different ways of keeping things enclosed as you retain the open and green areas.

You might be having a hedge on your property boundary which you can use. If you don’t have one, then you need to find the right walling material because it is going to give you a good low boundary enclosure. The cheapest option is a fence but you need to think about the walls or growing trees. They are good because they can help with trapping sounds and pollution. This is going to create a cleaner and more comfortable space in your garden.


Winding pathways

You can create a winding and calming path leading to your place of sanctuary.

You can make your garden more inviting by adding a relaxing feel to it. you can have a clear path to follow. An easy path is going to lead you to the garden oasis where you can sit and relax. Stepping stones are good for creating winding paths that can be zen and delightful. Add decorative gardening edging because it will add character and charm to your paths.

It is a good idea when the pathway is leading somewhere specific. This can be a water feature, seating area, or your own personal secluded area. Use gravels, bricks, or setts, whichever is going to work best in making your garden design relaxing.


Comfortable seating

One of the most effective ways of creating a good garden area for relaxing is to add seating with the specific aim of making it as comfortable as possible.

Unwind garden furniture like benches, chairs, loungers, and anything that has style and is durable so you can have somewhere to sit back and relax.

You need to choose the right seating because you need something durable. Choose something that is going to withstand the climate with minimum maintenance.


Wind chimes

This boils down to personal preference. There are those who find wind chimes to be serene, calming, and spiritual, but there are some who see this as an irritation.

This is a cost-effective way of making soothing sounds in your garden. Adding wind chimes to your garden is going to give you effective stress relief.


Adding a water feature

If you want sounds in your garden and you don’t want wind chimes, then you should consider adding a water feature. They can add a relaxing soundscape to the garden and your sanctuary is going to be complete. It is going to be the focal point of your garden.

Listening to running water is relaxing because it triggers the most primal auditory sense. This lets you relax and enjoy your garden.

A water feature is affordable, depending on your budget. If you have the budget, get a striking fountain. Other options include birdbaths, small koi ponds, and garden ponds and they are good because they have the same soothing like effect.


Adding a Swing or hammock

This is a favorite pastime, especially for the young, but you can still find it relaxing as an adult. You can spend a few hours on a hammock or swing sweat.

You can attach the hammock or swing to a branch or buy a swing seat. It can be made of different materials and come in different colors. This is going to help you complete your garden sanctuary.


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