Guide: 5 Things You Have to Experience in Ireland

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There are so many amazing things to see and do in this beautiful country. If you’re a first-timer in this country you’re in for a treat. Ireland is such an interesting country, where you will be able to experience great history, mind-blowing landscapes, and experience the amazing culture of the Irishmen. Whatever the reason is, that you’ve chosen to go to this destination, you can expect an adventure of a lifetime.


Maybe you have always been curious about what Ireland is like, and have dreamt of going there. You might have been checking out online casinos in Ireland or watching Irish tv programs and got your interest from there. Well, it’s finally time to go and explore the great country of Ireland. Here are some of the must-sees in Éire (Ireland).


#1 – Castles of Ireland

A must-do when you’re visiting Ireland is exploring the ancient castles. The castles of the country have so much history to tell and are very unique. If you’re staying in Dublin, which is the capital, then you can check out Dublin Castle to start with.


#2 – Ireland’s beautiful scenery

If you have the time, you might want to consider renting a car to drive around the country. Ireland has spectacular scenery that will indeed blow your mind. Some of the highlights in Ireland include the world-famous ‘Cliff Moher’, which is a dramatic coastline of impressive high cliffs. Another beautiful place to consider visiting is Killarney National Park.


#3 – Dublin of course

Dublin is a must-visit location when you go to Ireland. The bustling city has so much to offer. In the capital of Ireland, you can experience authentic Irish bars, Guinness Storehouse Factory, impressive cathedrals, great shopping opportunities, and much more. It is very much possible to spend several days in this great city without getting bored for even a second. If you’re not going to rent a car while you’re in Ireland, there are options for organized trips as well.


Travel advice

Before traveling to another country, it is important that you check what the current travel rules are. It is also very important to have travel insurance when traveling abroad. If you don’t have travel insurance already, you might find it relevant to read more about the importance of having one. It is also important to check if you need to apply for a visa before embarking on your trip to Ireland.


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