Gaming: What is it and how to start?

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Are you looking to get into gaming? It’s a widely popular pastime for people around the world, offering escapism, exploration and excitement. From the days of the Nintendo 64 and even earlier models to the high-tech consoles and gaming computers of today, there’s been a lot of change and development.

But it’s never too late to start gaming. Whether you want to pick up something you did as a child or start completely fresh, here’s the introduction you need to get going on level one.

What is gaming?

Gaming comes in all different shapes and sizes, but it’s ultimately meant to entertain. From board and card games to mobile and console games, it can be done anywhere and anytime. Some gamers favour one, but others play cross-platform and appreciate a wide variety of games.

Traditional methods rely on physical features and approaches – take Monopoly, for example. Modern methods continue to evolve and use the latest technology to immerse players into new worlds and playing environments.

What are the benefits of gaming?

Gaming is seen by some as merely a form of entertainment, but it brings many benefits to players. The cognitive benefits are valuable, with problem-solving skills, memory and better concentration all developing with more playing time.

There are also educational elements to consider. Lessons learned and skill development help players to grow inside and outside of gaming. Creativity is another skill that can be enhanced, particularly with games demanding imagination and innovative thinking.

Perhaps the most underappreciated benefit of gaming is the social element. From the outside, gaming may seem like an isolating pastime, but it’s centred around community, social skills and teamwork. Spending time with others, albeit with a physical game or in a digital realm, can also provide stress relief.

How can I start gaming?

If you’re looking to begin your gaming journey, here are some steps to help you get started:

  • Choose your platform: First, you’ll need something to play on. You may want to use what you already have, likely a phone or computer, to avoid big investments. But it may also be worthwhile to invest in a console or gaming PC to get the full experience from the start. You’ll have more choices and functionality available on consoles and PCs but your phone has many options too.
  • Try some games: Gaming is all about finding what you enjoy. For this, you’ll need to try lots of different things to get a sense of what you deem interesting and engaging. Bingo apps on your phone are great for the social aspect, while console games get you more involved with the mechanics.
  • Meet like-minded players: Your gaming experience is likely to be enhanced if you can interact with other players similar to you. You can do this through game lobbies and online forums. If you prefer to game alone, that’s no problem either. It’s completely up to you!


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