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Posted November 10, 2020 in Features, More

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Mickey Doyle is making covetable wreaths in the Chocolate Factory. He tells us about Fallow which he has just launched.

When did you get into wreath-making? What led to the creation of Fallow? How long have you been working on this collection?

I had been contemplating the Vico collection and bringing creative disruption to wreath-making for some time. The lockdown allowed me time and space to develop my thoughts and this led to the creation of Fallow. For me, Lockdown created a unique moment of clarity and objectivity to contemplate our relationship with nature. Wreath-making is about both design and craft. There is a lot of trial and error in the process – but those experiments, crucially, allow you to explore different techniques and build texture and themes into a collection.

Can you tell us about your approach and alternative approach to wreaths in terms of symbolism and materials?

I have applied my experience in handmade shoes, luxury handbags and set-building to the traditional and well-loved art of wreath making. I am not trying to turn it on its head, but to create something contemporary, elegant and playful. Wreaths can be traced back to ancient Greece and Rome, where they were a symbol of status and worn on the head. They have been an important feature of human society for a long time and I believe it’s time they gained new meaning and interpretation and move away from rigid classic symbolism. I have also tapped into the movement against throw-away culture and fast fashion. I wanted to design a product the was not only environmentally conscious, but also sustainable and long-lasting, while incorporating a unique style with diverse materials, such as wood, leather and metal.

What are the golden rules for wreath makers?

“As from a large heap of flowers many garlands and wreaths are made, so by a mortal in this life there is much good work to be done.”- Buddha

In London, you worked on creating bespoke set designs for film and high-end luxury collections. Can you share a few examples and details?

I have had the pleasure during my career to work on many creative fashion campaigns and windows displays, including briefs for Hermes and Burberry. One in particular, for Hermes, that stood out and that I took inspiration was from the theme of ‘Flaneur Forever’. This Christmas Windows Display was designed with the idea of traveling home in mind. A line of animals was constructed with similar materials and texture as Noah’s Ark. As the hand-crafted animals wander home, they collect gifts and objects from their travels. This brought themes of nature but also collection, curation and intertwining of diverse and exotic objects, shapes and colours. We built bespoke window designs following this theme in a workshop in south London for each of the Hermes UK stores.

When did you return from London, what has the experience been like to date?

I returned to Ireland three years ago and really enjoy being closer the sea and mountains again. I have been swimming in the Vico for years and would always take a dip when back from London. Now that I’m a local again, it only seemed fitting to use the Vico’s beauty as inspiration for the launch of Fallow.

visit fallow.ie to view the full collection


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