Embark on a Cinematic Journey: Dive into Practical Learning with Griffith College’s Cinematography Course Starting February

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In the captivating realm of filmmaking, the art of visual storytelling is brought to life through the lens of a skilled cinematographer. It is this craft that serves as the heartbeat of every film, creating the mood, feel, and emotional resonance that attracts audiences worldwide. Enter the Certificate in Digital Cinematography and Image Grading at Griffith College, designed to be the launchpad for aspiring filmmakers in the dynamic world of digital storytelling.

The Certificate in Digital Cinematography and Image Grading at Griffith College brings you on a deep dive into the moving image creation process. Covering everything from camera operations, lighting, composition, lens selection and camera movement, through to, image mastering and grading.

An intensive programme delivered by industry experts; our lecturers are not only seasoned professionals but also active industry practitioners. Among them are:

  • Alec Moore & Sophia Tamburrini – Experts in Image Mastering & Grading
  • Niall Flynn – Specialising in Advanced Cinematography for Industry
  • Vincent McEntee – Providing a solid foundation in our Introduction to Cinematography module.

We are also thrilled to feature a series of engaging guest speakers who contribute their expertise to enrich the learning experience. One such guest lecture was from Fiona Graham, an extraordinary talent in the world of film and visual storytelling. She shared her insights from working in the industry for over 15 years. It was a great experience for the students to learn from Fiona’s journey as an award-winning Director of Photography that has touched every corner of the audio-visual realm, from mesmerising feature films to gripping documentaries, advertisements, and music videos.

We also had JP Quill as a guest lecturer. He organized a hands-on workshop about 16mm film. It was a practical class where students learned how to change the film, use a film camera, and got some industry insights.

The workshop covered various topics like shooting, processing, and editing 16mm film. Students learned about different types of film stocks (colour and black and white), efficient shot planning, and effective lighting techniques. They also explored loading and unloading film, talked about the current state and future possibilities of 16mm film, and discussed why analogue filmmaking is still important.

In the course, students not only learn from industry experts but also embark on field trips, adding that practical edge to their study. One such field trip was at FilmFX Ireland. The students visited the FilmFX warehouse, where the students learned how the cool practical effects like snow/rain, smoke, and gunshot effects are shown on the big blockbuster films. The team of FilmFX also shared their expertise and passion for practical effects, and the importance of this unfortunately dying art. Some other topics they covered on the day ranged, from exploring the latest digital VFX techniques to integrating CGI and digital effects in modern filmmaking. The day’s insights also encompassed combining physical sets with virtual environments, tackling on-set challenges, and sharing valuable industry secrets and best practices.

This practical, industry-focused programme is designed to meet the demands of people seeking to train, retrain, or upskill in the creative industries. Through practical workshops, guest speakers and field trips the course creates an environment which encourages you to experiment and express yourselves creatively. This programme is an excellent route into the professional world of filmmaking and content creation.

The course runs two evenings per week, over a duration of two semesters.

Applications are currently open for February 2024. To learn more or apply to the course please visit the www.griffith.ie This year, Griffith College is celebrating its 50th anniversary. GC50 marks five decades of the largest independent third-level education provider in Ireland.


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