Dublin’s most delicious dessert spots

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Whether it’s after attending a memorable event or to take a break from some shopping in the city, sometimes a sweet treat is more than necessary. Thankfully, for the people of Dublin, there is a selection of mouthwatering adventures to be had throughout the capital. 

For dessert lovers, Dublin’s reputation has always been strong, but in more recent times the city has been exposed to some slightly different offerings from around the world. Also supplemented by some truly authentic Irish delights, Dublin has most definitely upped its dessert game thanks to a selection of inviting spots that definitely deserve consideration. Instead of satisfying your sweet tooth by watching Bake Off, failing at replicating a memorable treat you once had, or by playing Sweet Bonanza and salivating at the candy that is featured throughout, it’s better to plan a visit or three to Dublin to get your sugar kick in the best way possible. In order to provide you with some suitable options, let’s take a look at some of Dublin’s most delicious dessert spots below. 

The Sweetest Thing

Kicking things off with a superb venue for any vegetarian diners among us, The Sweetest Thing is a dessert cafe that specialises in deliciousness, but without the need for any dairy products. Also offering cheap prices compared to many other options on the list, this vibrant cafe has a large choice of flavourful dishes. For many, most of the meringue-based desserts can’t be ignored, while other customers tend to opt for The Sweetest Thing’s range of cakes and bakes. Most importantly of all, though, is that you don’t have to be vegetarian to enjoy their choice of inviting treats. 

Queen of Tarts

Not only is Queen of Tarts’ name excellent, but the sweet delights they serve up are some of the best in Ireland, too. The brainchild of two sisters who fine-tuned their craft in New York before returning home to delight Dublin locals, this welcoming cafe and patisserie has a glowing reputation after offering its loyal customers with a series of stunningly beautiful desserts. From cakes and pastries to fruit crumbles and cheesecakes, there is something for every type of sweet tooth in this popular spot. In fact, there are actually two establishments in Dublin, with both offering a comprehensive selection of desserts. 

Il Valentino Bakery & Café

Italian desserts are some of the best around, making a visit to Il Valentino Bakery & Café a great thing to do. Offering a wide variety of sugar-filled creations, there are some seriously impressive treats to savour here. From the delectable semifreddo cakes to a lovely choice of wheat-free bakes, you certainly won’t be short on options in this warm and welcoming spot. Il Valentino Bakery & Café even offers seasonal foods too, with people rushing there most weekends to see what’s on offer.

The Wooden Whisk

Located on Talbot Street right in the centre of the city, The Wooden Whisk is the perfect spot for munching on some seriously good desserts. This pastry kitchen and cafe has a detailed offering that is capable of satisfying even the most discerning of customers. With quality ingredients used and some evidently advanced techniques executed to perfection to create some amazing options, The Wooden Whisk has a number of standout things to try. For some, the sweet and crunchy apple strudel is to die for, while other locals opt for their amazingly moist chocolate brownies. Whatever you go for, it can be washed down with some lovely coffee, too. 

Other options include Scoop Dessert Parlour, Twenty Three Ice Cream Lab, Daddy’s Dublin, Kakilang, Ciao Cannoli, The Paddocks, and Bubble Waffle Factory. 


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