Dublin Set To Host Two Prestigious Poker Festivals

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Dublin is buzzing with excitement as it prepares to play host to the prestigious Irish Poker Tour (IPT) over the next few months.

The vibrant city is famous for its rich history and lively cultural scene, making it an ideal location for poker players of all skill levels to compete in a series of high-stakes tournaments.

The Green Isle Hotel in the Irish capital will host the IPT twice this summer, and it promises an exhilarating experience for both participants and spectators.

With generous prize pools and a festive atmosphere, Dublin’s latest chapter in the poker tour solidifies its status as a premier destination on the international circuit.

The Last IPT Event Held in Dublin

The last time the IPT landed in Dublin in early May, when the Green Isle Hotel hosted the Monster Festival. It proved to be a resounding success.

The Monster Main Event, with a €150 buy-in, generated an astonishing €224,122 prize pool. Peter Burnett emerged victorious after a fierce battle, claiming over €25,000 and the coveted Monster trophy.

The competition commenced on the Thursday. The player turnout increased at a steady pace, surpassing the ambitious €200,000 guarantee on Saturday evening.

The final tally hit a record-breaking high of 1,858 entries, with the last hopefuls joining the fray via the Sunday morning Hyper flight.

The most remarkable performance outside the Monster came from Steven Bartley, a regular visitor from Northern Ireland, who dominated both the Mystery Bounty and the closing Omaha 4/5 card event.

The Monster reached its climax on Sunday evening. After Aidan Quinlan’s exit in fourth place, securing €11,000, the remaining three contenders decided to split the pot, altering the final prize structure.

Local hero Carl Cullen bowed out in third for €26,500, Massimo Pacini settled for €27,365 for second, while Burnett took home the ultimate prize.

Who are the Contenders for the Next Event?

Burnett and Bartley were among the high-profile names that emerged from the last Dublin event with a hefty purse.

It wouldn’t be surprising to see them repeat their exploits if they clock in for the upcoming tour, considering they rank amongst the top ten players on the IPT leaderboard.

But there are several other high rollers worth keeping an eye on, including Hugh Smyth, who is likely to dominate the tournament if he confirms his participation.

The Irishman has consistently demonstrated exceptional skill and strategic prowess throughout his career, securing top finishes and solidifying his position as one of the top-ranked poker players in the country.

The likes of Derek Baker and Northern Ireland’s Shane Keary are also considered top guns on the poker scene and should be in the mix to secure a large chunk of the prize pool in June.

The upcoming IPT will undoubtedly garner plenty of attention from poker enthusiasts across the Emerald Isle.

Players hoping to emulate some of their local heroes could be tempted to try their hand at online casinos for a taste of the action.

Many of the players at IPT events hone their craft on Irish poker sites before transitioning into land-based competitions.

Upcoming IPT Events & Festivals

While there is plenty of excitement surrounding the upcoming tournaments in Dublin, the IPT is poised to captivate enthusiasts outside the capital and abroad.

The Northern Poker Festival is set to be held at the Fairway Hotel in Dundalk with an eye-watering prize pool of €100,000, but it pales in comparison to the riches of the Lunasa Lunacy Festival.

The tournament will be held in Dublin, with not just a whopping €150,000 prize pool up for grabs but also ten Killarney packages, which is scheduled for late September.

The INEC will be the backdrop for the Killarney festival with a staggering €700,000 guaranteed – the highest of any of the events during the IPT.

The Donegal Poker Festival is also one of the most anticipated in this year’s tour. It will be held at the Clanree Hotel in Letterkenny with a stellar €100,000 prize pool.


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