Nineteen For ’19 – Jordan Ralph: Designer

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Dublin dance festival 2019 – desktop banner
Taphouse spring-19 banner

“It was a dream collaborating with a team of people who want to push the boundaries and explore new aesthetics!” – Jordan Ralph– Designer


Your creative highlight of 2018?

Designing two exhibitions for The Science Gallery; FAKE and Life At The Edges. I’ve been dying to work with the Gallery for years and it was a dream collaborating with a team of people who want to push the boundaries and explore new aesthetics!

Your personal creative goal for 2019?

To take a break between client/brand driven projects and delve deep into creating a new aesthetic and way of living. I want to realise this world in functioning, full scale pieces and spaces, and present it in the form of an immersive installation/exhibition.


You get to redesign or reimagine Dublin in one way, what would you do?

I would love to get all the laws around vacant buildings, zoning and licensing changed so as that mine and younger generations could take over the city and make a lot of really innovative things happen with Dublin’s cultural scene, nightlife, food, drink and sport venues. I can feel a really powerful energy in Dublin at the moment that’s rearing to make waves.

How would you describe the Dublin of your dreams, in 18 words or less?

Harmony between rent/cost of living inflation and minimum wage, a climate like Barcelona, and a shift in nightlife/drinking culture.


Three of your local creative heroes, people who people need to know about.

1. Gemma Dunleavy: Gemma is a one of a kind artist, she’s got drive like no one else I’ve ever met, and constantly deconstructs and rebuilds her own work in pursuit of musical perfection. I can’t wait for the world to hear her solo material that’s coming out in 2019.

2. Keith Nally: I first met Keith when he used to rent me a desk in his studio in Temple Bar. Keith’s one of those rare designers that’s doing really sick work quietly in the ether, transcending Instagram and hype machines. By proxy, he taught me an invaluable lesson in not taking myself too seriously as a designer!

3. Terri McInerny: Tez is an absolute boss and makes everything feel possible. She always has time to help her mates, while putting 1000% into her own work. She used to work with the White Cube in London, and now works with NMI. Someday soon she’s going to be running the art world.

Words: Richard Seabrooke


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