Designs on ’22 – Irish Design Shop X Norman McCloskey Collaboration

Posted November 12, 2021 in Design

If truth be told, we’ll all be fairly glad to see the back of 2021 in the same way that we wanted 2020 to get up the yard too. The sense of anticipation that ’22 may usher in some semblance of calm and certainty may be wishful thinking too, but we have to hope. And what better way to count the days than in the company of the Irish Design Shop’s annual calendar collaboration.

Irish Vernacular is their pairing with Kenmare-based photographer Norman McCloskey. Featuring a series of old farmhouses, abandoned cottages, sheds and boathouses all nestled into our gorgeous landscape, it is at once evocative and timely, in the sense of an ongoing housing crisis and a sense of reclamation of rural Ireland.

These houses “seem to blend into the Irish landscape as though they’ve grown out of it. Often the view, the place and most importantly the image wouldn’t be the same without them,” says McCloskey.

€30 from the Irish Design Shop or online


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