Customer retention trends to try in 2023

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As a company, it is crucial to develop strategies to keep your customers engaged in new experiences and encourage in this way new purchases. It is a known fact that acquiring new customers is harder than retaining existing ones, so increasing loyalty and retention is a key part of any business strategy. With the evolution of e-commerce and the increasing competition for customers’ attention, companies should look for ways to keep their customers coming back for more. But, as the world around us changes, so do the customers’ needs and desires. You need to see what customers want in 2023, as this will create new customer retention trends.

Here are some customer retention trends you should try to implement in your business this year.


Loyalty programs

While this is nothing new, loyalty programs are still a trend in 2023. Many companies have a loyalty program that offers discounts and other bonuses to their customers after they make repeat purchases. Offering discounts and promotions are a great way to show customers that you care about them and value their loyalty to your brand. There are plenty of examples you can include in your loyalty program, like offering product discounts, free shipping, or loyalty points. These loyalty benefits will make clients want to continue doing business with your brand. When offering discounts, you can employ marketing strategies such as limited-time offers or flash sales to encourage customers to take advantage of your promotions. You might also want to start loyalty partnerships and collaborate with other brands to try to reach a larger audience. Loyalty partnerships need to be between two businesses that don’t compete and are complementary. If you look for loyalty partnerships in 2023, consider companies with a similar target audience to you, so customers will be happy to benefit from discounts at both of the brands.

Personalised experiences

Personalisation is a major trend in customer retention programs, and businesses need to implement creating and offering unique experiences to their customers. Meeting the needs and desires of each customer can be done by analysing customer data and the behaviour of each client; in this way, the experience with brands will meet their expectations. Personalisation offers a better customer experience and strengthens customer retention because customers feel valued and listened to by the business. Personalisation allows you to customise the client’s experience, offer special promotions, and promote individualised communication. If you don’t understand your audience and why they make a purchase, you will have a low customer retention rate, and your brand loyalty will suffer.

Digital Access

After the pandemic, customer loyalty has transformed into a digital experience, as most interactions between a customer and a brand are via computers, smartphones or laptops. This means that brands have integrated the idea of using mobile apps to engage with their clients. And creating a mobile app is another major trend used in customer retention. On average, a person spends at least three hours on their phone daily, and having an accessible mobile app with the whole information about your business increases customer engagement, loyalty and sales. A mobile app makes collecting data on your customers’ shopping patterns easier and allows customers to check how many points they have received with a purchase.

Free customised gifts

Another idea to try to increase customer retention in 2023 is to offer free customised gifts. The clients should feel that they mean the world to you, and how do you show them that your business cares about them better than offering corporate gifts with your business name on them? The best part about this trend is that it increases customer loyalty, as your client will feel very special and important for your company. You should personalise your gifts with your branding elements because it will increase brand recognition, and customers will think of you when they use the items you offer. For example, you can give custom lighters, as they are among some of the most commonly used and carried items worldwide.

Omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing is a strategy that focuses on offering consistent customer content across all channels. This approach aims to provide a personalised experience that meets the client’s needs at every stage because customers interact with brands through various platforms and channels. An omnichannel approach unites campaigns and the messages sent across all platforms, and in this way, it creates a stronger brand relationship with customers. Using this customer retention technique will allow your brand to reach all age segments and spread your brand recognition.


Gamification is a major trend this year because it greatly impacts customer loyalty. Gamification is the process of integrating game-like elements into non-game contexts, and it uses features like points, badges and rewards. It is especially useful for millennials and Gen Z consumers, as they play games daily, and it helps your brand to create an environment they are familiar with, engaging them more with your business. By using gamification, customers will not only have a pleasant time playing, but they can also earn some rewards in real life if they succeed in winning the game.

Gamification is also very effective in retail and hospitality, as customers seek more immersive and interactive experiences with brands.

Final words

You can improve your overall customer loyalty and retention in 2023 in many ways. Current trends are important because you will know how to invest and maintain a strong customer relationship, achieving long-term success and growth. Because we live in a competitive business world, you have to come up with new solutions to keep customers engaged. If you don’t adopt new trends and strategies, your business risks losing customers to other companies.

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