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Posted December 4, 2015 in More

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Basecamp Backpack ChallengeHey Folks,We’ve started an initiative for the homeless this winter in association with Dublin City Council and Crosscare Social Support Services. We believe this is a great cause and were hoping that you can help the homeless this Winter. Have a look at our video and share with the people you think can help.ThanksBasecamp

Posted by Basecamp Ireland on Thursday, 3 December 2015

This year the homeless crisis in Dublin has hit an all-time high. It really is a heart breaking sight to see so many people out in the cold every day.

As part of tackling this problem and making life a little bit easier for those effected by homelessness, Basecamp the outdoor store in Middle Abbey St, Dublin have started a backpack challenge.

The aim of this challenge is to get as many backpacks as possible filled and sent up to the Bru Aimsir service that is currently housing 100 homeless people every night in Thomas St. The backpack can be filled with items such as

  • Hats
  • Scarves
  • Gloves
  • Fleeces
  • Waterproof jackets
  • Food vouchers
  • Flasks
  • Water bottles
  • Socks

Basecamp can’t fill a backpack for everyone so they need a bit of help, they have nominated 2 other businesses such as Georges St. Arcade and Portwest to fill some backpacks too. There is 100 people that need essential items to make winter a little bit easier for them, so you can start the nomination yourself with your friends and family. Raise awareness of homelessness, make a video of your nomination and get tagging your mates through social media.

The guys at Basecamp explain how it works here

Backpacks can be dropped into the Basecamp store in Middle Abbey St or dropped directly into the Crosscare Staff in Thomas St.

Let’s work together to help the homeless this winter.


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