All About Vinnie Jones: Football, Blackjack And More

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Footballer and former Wales captain Vinnie Jones was born in Watford, Hertfordshire. Jones was a winning player for the Welsh team, leading them to several triumphs as captain.

Jones played for Wimbledon Football Club from 1986 and 1998, and he was an integral part of the club’s “Crazy Gang.” Jones and the club will never forget the 1988 FA Cup Final as the day they won the trophy, thanks to his hard work and dedication.

During his time on the field, Jones gained a reputation as a “hard man” due to his tough play. There was a lot of backlash to his violent and threatening play style, which was often cited as a reason he was criticised. Jones, despite this, was a highly successful player, having appeared for several premier clubs like Wimbledon, Leeds United, Chelsea, and Queens Park Rangers. On the international stage, he made nine appearances for Wales.


From Lock Stock to The Last Stand

His peers fear famous actor Vinnie Jones for his violent performance style and scary presence. His portrayals as coaches, hooligans, and violent criminals have become trademarks of his acting career. He is one of the most in-demand actors for dramatic roles because of the acclaim they have received for his realism and intensity in these performances.

Jones earned high marks for his portrayal of Big Chris, a violent debt collector. 

Jones’s time in the house was memorable for his firm beliefs and the fact that he was never afraid to stand up for himself, qualities that made him a fan favourite.

As “the Sphinx,” he made his debut in the U.S. in the remade 2000 version of Gone in 60 Seconds. His breakthrough American career can be traced back to his portrayal of the secretive and scary figure, for which he received widespread critical acclaim. Jones’s Sphinx performance is so memorable that it has become a cultural touchstone.


Vinnie Jones Roulette 

If you’re wondering what Vinnie Jones is up to next, look no further. You can meet him in the Vinnie Jones Roulette game, bringing you a brand new take on one of the oldest forms of amusement at the table. 

Popular tough guy Vinnie Jones is at the top of the table this time, and he’s ready to entertain players worldwide. Developed by the folks over at Real Dealer Studios, Vinnie Jones Roulette is a fun take on the classic game of roulette. Iconic footballer Vinnie Jones stars as the main character in this online roulette game, marking one of his most significant performances.

This game utilises state-of-the-art cinematic RNG technology to allow players to interact with the game’s protagonist in a way that is both realistic and entertaining while keeping the same close-knit casino atmosphere for which the genre is well-known. This game is great for novices and seasoned players due to its straightforward rules.


Vinnie Jones Blackjack

The Real Dealer’s second instalment of their Celebrity Games series features Vinnie Jones at a blackjack table. The company makes cinematic RNG games with actors cast in the roles of dealers. Vinnie Jones Blackjack has just been released, featuring the actor in his signature role as a dealer.

Not the first time the actor has worked on a project together with Real Dealer Studios, but the first time they collaborated on a blackjack project. The developer released Vinnie Jones Roulette in September and was nominated for the New Casino Game of the Year at the Sigma Europe awards.

On November 14th, 2022, the final chapter of Vinnie Jones Stories: Roulette was made available to the public. The actor was filmed giving in-depth responses to many fan-requested Q&A sessions.

Vinnie Jones said he had no idea what to expect during the shooting but that it was standard fare for a Hollywood set.

All operators can now access Vinnie Jones Blackjack, the latest in Real Dealer’s series of games based on the legendary tough guy. Vinnie brings his larger-than-life, street-wise attitude to the table in this, the first celebrity blackjack title built employing the studio’s unique cinematic technique.

In this game, you’ll find yourself in a swanky members-only club, dealing with Vinnie in your role as a high roller. There, he reacts to the player’s actions by either dealing with the next card or making a witty remark to keep the game lively.

Cinematic RNG, an innovative approach developed by Real Dealer, incorporated professionally recorded video of cinematic quality into an online blackjack game framework based on a random number generator, allowing for the aforementioned immersive experience.

Professional actors, directors, and production teams present slick footage of dealers and games in a way reminiscent of Hollywood. These games include detail and realism not seen before in RNG games, which traditionally rely on CGI.

Blackjack with the 21+3TM side bet, insurance, and the 6-card Charlie rule are all available in Vinnie Jones Blackjack.


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