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Are you planning to build your dream house in Dublin? Or maybe extend your office to make it more spacious? It’s important that you work with a reliable construction company that can follow your instructions and ensure that you are happy with what it delivers. OC Architects is one company in Dublin that wouldn’t disappoint you when it comes to providing top-notch construction services. Whether it’s working on a brand-new residential house, a commercial building, refurbishments, renovations, or extensions, you can trust OC Architects to get the job done.


Services offered

OC Architects is a specialist in providing different types of construction services. Here are a few services that it offers:


1. Residential projects

The company has had a reputation for making beautiful houses in Dublin. Every architect and engineer that works for the company is certified and experienced. They listen to the queries of the clients patiently so that they can follow all the instructions carefully. From building apartment houses to one-off homes, OC Architects is an expert at residential projects.

In addition to building brand-new homes, the company also offers extension and renovation services. If you want to extend a part of your house or maybe want to make a few renovations inside, OC Architects has the perfect solution. Once you set up an appointment, the company would send an expert to your house. You can discuss your plans with him and see what solutions he offers. The expert notes down all the points that he has discussed with you during the appointment. He goes back and makes a blueprint of the plan and sends it to you via email. You can go through the blueprint and decide whether to make any changes.

The experts at OC Architects never back away from making changes to the existing plan. They focus more on customer satisfaction than making profits. The company entertains the changes that clients make and eventually starts the project once everything gets confirmed. They provide an ETA before starting and they are able to meet their deadline.


2. Commercial projects 

Dublin is now the hotspot for many office headquarters. There is a growing interest among business owners to set up their offices in this city. This has led to the rise of the real estate market in Dublin. OC Architects has already been a part of many commercial projects. It is the experience and attention to detail that sets the company apart from its competitors. When it comes to building offices or commercial projects, the architects and engineers first build a 3D model after finalizing the blueprint with the client.

The 3D model of the project gives clients an idea of how the building would look like once OC Architects finishes making it. If you plan to hire OC Architects to build your office, you can talk to the engineers about the possible time within which they can make the 3D model. Once you see the 3D model, you can discuss the changes with the engineers. The company representatives are aware that their reputation is at stake whenever they take on any project. This compels them to provide the best services so that clients are happy once the workers finish constructing the building.

Apart from making new commercial buildings and offices, OC Architects also provides renovation refurbishment and renovation services. This is essential if you want to want to make your office bigger or make changes to your existing factory, warehouse, or any commercial property. They also use the best Dublin plant hire company to hire top-quality machinery to get projects completed in time.


3. Consultation services

Sometimes, you may want professional advice on renovation, building, or housing design from the best in the business. OC Architects offers consultation services so that you can finalize your plan accordingly. Consultation services are crucial if you want to set a budget for the construction project. You can talk to an expert from the company and discuss your plans. He will provide a detailed breakdown of the costs involved.

The company representatives don’t hesitate to consult with senior architects and engineers so that they can provide the most accurate solutions. You can expect to receive the most sound advice from the experts that not only meet your demands but also don’t burn a hole in your pocket.


Examples of completed projects


A few projects that OC Architects has already completed in Dublin are as follows:

● 37 Highfield Road

● Seapark Renovation and Extension

● Raglan Lane Mews House

● Annesley Park

● Ranelagh extension and remodel

● Monkstown extension and refurbishment project

● Hollybank Avenue extension

● Annesley Park extension

In addition to constructing many buildings, offices, and homes in Dublin, the company has also worked in other places, such as Cork and Kerry.


Qualities that make OC Architects stand out

Although Dublin is home to many construction companies, OC Architects stands out from the rest because of many reasons. They also have a good professional indemnity insurance policy in place so you know you are in safe hands.


1. Exceptional professionalism

The company has some of the best experts and professionals in the industry. You would feel satisfied after the first meeting. The first impression of the company makes a long-lasting impression on you. The way they talk to the clients, discuss the plans, and pay attention to every detail shows how professional they are. You may want to hire them right away after the first appointment.


2. Meeting deadlines

OC Architects never fails to meet its deadline. The experts will consider all the possible aspects of completing the project and only then will provide an ETA. They usually complete their projects well before time so that they can make changes if required.


3. Immense experience

The company has a massive experience in dealing with various types of construction projects. You can ask the representative to show a catalog of the projects the company has been a part of before hiring. That will give you an idea of how good the engineers, architects, and workers are at building houses, offices, and offering refurbishment and renovation services.


Final Thoughts

OC Architects is undoubtedly one of the best construction companies in Dublin. If you want a group of specialists to work on your project, there’s no need to think twice before working with this company. They know how to satisfy their clients and would ensure that their team meets your demands at every level.


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