6 Apps Every Genuine Football Fan Must Have

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Football is one of the most popular sports in the world. The number of fans of the sport globally is estimated to be around 3.5 billion, and the figure continues to grow daily. The sport has become a hobby for many people all over the world. And fans dearly demonstrate their love for it every day.

People watch games for different reasons. Some watch to support their favorite teams, while others watch to pass away time without having a favorite team. In some cases, a set of individuals watch football to decide which team to wager on. So, with that, there’s no doubt that the sport has gathered a lot of passionate fans all over the world.

Ireland is one of the places football betting stands out. Yearly, the Irish people gamble over €5bn on the sport, more than some other popular countries worldwide. If you are in the country and want to pick the best betting sites you can use, you can find the list of Irish betting sites here and see the important features each one possesses before making a choice.

As a genuine football fan who doesn’t want to miss out on live scores, news, match highlights, statistics, lineups, transfer updates, etc., there are some apps you should have on your phone. This is also important if you wager on the sport. Apart from following professional tipsters like Kate Richardson, whose profile can be found here, you also need to get your hands on some of the best apps.

Some of these apps provide up-to-date and necessary information you need about a particular player, team, or league. In fact, some of them even provide regular betting tips, strategies, and analyses that might help you make the right calls.


Important Apps You Should Have On Your Phone As A Genuine Soccer Fan

As a passionate fan of the most popular sports in the world, you should have all the following apps:

  1. Overlyzer

Overlyzer is more than any live score app available on the internet. While other apps provide mere information about game scores, stats, and players, Overlyzer does way more than that.

This app shows live statistics graphically. With this format, you could see the intensity of a game by just looking at the graph. When a team graph is high, it means they’re playing at high intensity and will likely score soon.

Another feature that makes this app amazing is that you can filter different games according to the current intensity. The app has many other features, and as a sports lover or gambler, you’d find this app very useful.

  1. Sky Sports Football Center

Sky Sport – the world renowned sports news establishment, also has a live football app; the app is dedicated to football.

Sky Sports Football Center is unique because you can watch the highlights of different leagues, like LA Liga, World Cup Qualifiers, Eredivisie, and Chinese Super League, for free. Subscribers of Sky TV can also watch Premier League highlights. The app is useful; you can watch match previews reports and read news from the Sky Sports reporters.

As a dedicated soccer fan, you should have Sky Sports Football Center on your device to enjoy match highlights, news, and goal clips, among other things.

  1. 365Scores

365Scores is another important app all sports fans should have – it will even be more helpful if you are a soccer fan who loves to follow the lesser-known leagues.

With the app, you can access live scores, news, analytics, fixtures, and tables of top football leagues and cups worldwide. A unique feature of the app is its fast live match notification; it’s said to be quicker than live streams. With the 365Scores app, you can track the scores of your favorite teams and never miss any important updates about live matches.

  1. SofaScore

If you’re interested in monitoring unpopular leagues, SofaScore is the best app on the market. The app covers the results, fixtures, and tables of almost all soccer leagues worldwide.

The app is handy for sports bettors who spend money on teams in unrecognized leagues. Another great point is that many users have confirmed that the app is so easy to use, and the developers regularly improve on it.

  1. Transfermarkt

Transfermarkt is an app every passionate football fan should have. The app has a live score feature and many other important statistics relating to players.

It provides reliable transfer news and updated player market value. Fans who love to keep track of transfers enjoy using the app, as they’d be able to see players’ prices, career goals, trophies, and other information related to a player’s career.

  1. FootyStats

FootyStats is an app that should complement your football betting app as it will provide you with useful information, tips, and analysis that will help you make informed bets.

This app would be useful if you’d like to know which team is most likely to win a game or which team could score more goals. FootyStats also uses its algorithm to predict match outcomes. A feature that makes the app powerful is that the metrics and statistics used to predict an outcome are shown so you can make the final decision yourself.

Final Notes

You shouldn’t miss important information about your favorite team and players as a football fan. With the apps above, you would become updated about every piece of information about all games, teams, players, and leagues worldwide.


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