15 things you didn’t know about Blackjack

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One of the most popular games in every land-based casino is blackjack. One of the key advantages of blackjack is the large number of variations that allow you to make a winning combination. We have collected 15 interesting facts about this game.

Napoleon Bonaparte’s favorite game

Historical references indicate that the French commander considered blackjack his favorite game. Sometimes he would spend entire days playing cards, and when there was no one to play with, Napoleon would teach blackjack rules to his soldiers and play with them. Some historians claim that he was so good at the game that he devised his own strategies and tactics to win.

The origin of the game

Blackjack origins go back to the distant 17th century. But many historians still have not figured out and are actively arguing with each other about where it originated are still not fully elucidated. Supposedly, the game originated in Italy.

Blackjack bans

Facts about blackjack onlineInteresting but true, the ability to count has even resulted in gamblers being kicked out of the halls! In the UK even today, when playing in a land-based casino, guests are asked to leave the room if the counting process is noticed behind them. But in our country in legal clubs and virtual casinos there are no such bans, so everyone has a serious chance to win at blackjack.

Blackjack or “twenty-one”

Many players know this game by another name, and it comes from the French “vingt-et-un”. In translation it means “twenty-one”, respectively “point”. The name blackjack was given much later, and it appeared in the state of Nevada. In the 30’s the owners of gambling establishments attracted as many players as possible to participate in the lucrative entertainment. The spades Jack and Ace combined to form the most winning combination, so players fell in love with the Blackjack.

Blackjack online

There are many Blackjack fans in the world of online gambling. Statistics tell us that. By 2018, it was Blackjack that almost 50% of players chose. Today, this game is available to every online user. For example, many varieties of this game can be found in one from top10bestcasino.

Blackjack and baseball

In Blackjack, many of the terms are borrowed from baseball. Namely, the positioning of the players. The one to the left of the dealer sits at first base, and the one to the right sits at third base.

Blackjack Decks

The game result in Blackjack depends on the number of decks involved in the draw. The chances of winning increase as the number of decks decreases. The casino is aware of this, so at least 6 decks are traditionally used. There are tables that play with fewer decks, but the rules of the game there are much more complicated.

Blackjack statistics

With three hands, the probability of losing is about 14%. And more than 85% of losses occur in the worst hands, ranging from 12 to 17 points. The probability of getting them is 43%.

Blackjack is the most profitable card game

Blackjack has many advantages among other gambling games. These include relatively simple rules, the ability to mathematically count cards, and an extremely low percentage of player losses.

Equally important is the fact that blackjack is considered the most profitable game in the gambling assortment, because in it the player has an advantage over the casino. True, in online casinos, thanks to the work of a random number generator, the chances of the parties are evened out.

Chances of winning

University of Pennsylvania professor Smith Brackett conducted a study that found that one-third of players consider Blackjack their favorite game, which raises it to second place behind the popularity of roulette.

Hall of Fame

Because of the worldwide popularity of the game in 2003, the Barona Casino in California created an actual blackjack hall of fame. By online voting, only seven of the 21 nominees were chosen who made it into the hall of fame in the first year of its existence.

These people were blackjack professionals. Among them: theorist and author Arnold Schneider, who has written more than 10 books and several hundred articles on gambling; mathematics professor Edward Torme, who proved that counting cards in blackjack works; and another mathematician Peter Griffin, who has devoted his life to blackjack research.

Interestingly, members of this community can eat at the restaurant and stay at the Barona Hotel completely free of charge, but they are strictly forbidden to play casino games here.

Today, the Hall of Fame can only add one person in a year.

Blackjack and Books

Card lovers know about the book Edward O. Thorpe’s “How to Beat a Dealer?” dedicated to blackjack. It described in detail all the subtleties of mathematical calculations in the game. The author was the first who correctly managed to calculate everything, respectively, and earn money on the game.

The mass of players began to actively study the work, which led to a regular loss of casinos. Of course, the owners of institutions were not going to put up with this, so some changes were made in the rules of the game. Published mathematical strategy proved to be useless, but experienced players still continue to count. They are convinced that only counting will help you beat the casino.

Blackjack once ruined a casino

Australian Kerry Parker is a media mogul, a billionaire, and, at the same time, a passionate blackjack player. In 1997, he bankrupted the MGM casino, winning $ 30 million in one night. To celebrate his victory, he left the maitre d’ and one of the waitresses a $1 million tip.

Blackjack and movies

The game is so popular that it is often used in movies. Everyone knows the picture called “21” — its main character is a university professor. He got his best students to play blackjack, and a team of mathematically savvy kids managed to lead the teacher to win several million. Some of the most popular ones are “The Last Casino,” “Rain Man,” and “License To Kill.”

Blackjack saved FedEx

The win of FedEx founder Frederick Smith is considered one of the brightest wins in the history of blackjack. The fact is that the amount won was relatively small – 27 thousand dollars, but it saved FedEx from bankruptcy and helped the company to become a global logistics giant.


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