Transport Yourself To The Almalfi Coast With This Delicious Ice-Cold Treat

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Hot, Hot, Hot! It’s been a grim few months, but Summer has finally arrived with temperatures north of 20 degrees, so we’ve been rummaging through the archives to find ourselves an ice-cold treat. We’re republishing Chef Beth Smith’s superb twist on a cool clean classic, the perfect lock-down treat to fuel the imagination on warm summer days at home.

With the increasing ‘grand stretch’ in the evenings this is the ultimate refreshing and heavenly snack, perfect for warm summer afternoons and balmy evenings!

If you close your eyes it will transport you to a sun drenched terrazza on the Amalfi coast.

We can but dream!”

– Beth-Ann Smith The Lismore Food Company

Recipe: Frozen Passion Fruit Mascarpone Sandwich 

(Makes 6)

12 x passion fruit
500 ml mascarpone

500 ml lemon grass sugar syrup*

One packet of The Lismore Food Company lemon polenta biscuits

A couple of tablespoons of finely chopped pistachio



– Half the passion fruit and scoop the pulp and seeds into a sieve placed over a bowl. Scrape the pulp through the sieve and discard the seeds.

– Place the mascarpone in a mixing bowl, add the passion fruit pulp and the sugar syrup and then mix thoroughly– you might need to whisk it to get it properly mixed through.

– Lightly oil a swiss roll tin and line with clingfilm. Then pop it into the freezer to chill Churn your mix in an ice-cream machine* until ready.

– Then fill the mix into a swiss roll tin and level it with a palette knife. (Pop the rest of the mix in a bowl and chill for another time)

– Chill for a few hours then remove the mix from the swiss roll tin, flip it over onto a board and remove the cling.

– Cut six discs with a biscuit cutter (the same width as your biscuit) and place in between your lemon polenta biscuits.

– Sprinkle the sides with pistachio and serve right away. Enjoy!

Lemon Grass Sugar Syrup


500g sugar
400ml water
2 x sticks of lemon grass


– Bash the lemon grass with a rolling pin and then chop roughly into chunks. Pop it into a saucepan with the water and sugar.

– Bring slowly to the boil and continue boiling until all the sugar is melted and the syrup is clear.

– Remove from the heat leaving the lemon grass in the syrup. Cool thoroughly for a few hours or overnight to allow the flavours to infuse.

*If you don’t have an ice-cream machine pop your mix into container at this point and put into the freezer. Remove from the freezer every few hours and give it a good stir to break up the crystals and make a smoother mix.

Ingredients & Image: Beth-Ann Smith of The Lismore Food Company

Check out our interview with Beth-Ann on the origins of the Lismore Food Company here.


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