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WOWBURGER has been steadily growing in popularity since opening its first Dublin outlet four years ago. Operations Manager, Susan Bell, talks to us about patties, potato buns and the secrets behind building a great burger.


In a market where there are a proliferation of restaurants and takeaways specialising in burgers, what do you think makes the offerings at WOWBURGER unique?

Dublin is a city that knows burgers. All kinds of burgers. Massive, mouth-stretching burgers. Little small slider burgers. Big ones. Small ones. Tall ones. When we started WOW, we took all of this into account. We did a lot of delicious research. A lot!

Of course, the burger patties themselves are the key – but it’s how we dress a burger that makes a huge difference, too. Our buns are made especially for us. They are potato buns! They are so soft and pillowy. They encompass the burger, and don’t overpower the patty, they just enhance it. Our toppings are fresh – and FREE! Another thing we are really proud of is our awesome WOW team. They are passionate about burgers – and it shows! We aim to make sure no one is waiting too long for their delicious and fresh WOWBURGERS whether ordered in-store or delivered via Just Eat.


Susan, tell us about building a great burger. What’s the secret to getting it right?

When it comes to our patties, it took a lot of trial and effort to get it exactly right. We wanted a patty so tender that it melts in your mouth. We wanted to make sure that it was nicely marbled and packed with flavour. It needs the perfect vehicle, so we have our buns made especially for us, and we love them. Toppings are key, too. Ours are super-fresh. Plus, they are all chopped to the same spec across all our branches – so you get the right balance each time you order your WOW. We also have specially sourced American processed style cheese, which gives us the most delicious, melty cheeseburgers.


What would you recommend from the WOWBURGER menu for a person choosing for the first time to order on Just Eat for delivery? 

It depends on your personal taste. We have lashing of toppings to choose from. You can decide what sauces you like and add them on too. Love cheese and bacon? Then our Bacon Cheeseburger is absolutely the one for you! Not a meat eater? Try our Vegi Burger! If two patties seems like one too many, you could pick our Mini Burgers – just one delicious patty, same great taste.

Of course, we’d recommend you opt for some sides. Our fries are hand-cut and cooked fresh. We pick Agria potatoes because they are the BEST for chips. They are fluffy on the inside, golden and crisp on the outside. Our garlic butter fries are firm faves and our big, gorgeous onion rings go down a storm, too. Our shakes are thick and creamy and our sundaes are the ideal way to finish off your WOW, and all available to order via the Just Eat app.


What’s your own favourite item on the menu?

My personal favourite burger is a Bacon Cheeseburger with mayo mustard, grilled onions, jalapenos,  lettuce and tomato. It has everything I love in one place.


From the first WOWBURGER in The Workman’s Club in 2015, WOWBURGER has expanded to now operate in six premises across Dublin. What do you look for in choosing new locations?

We look for places where we think folks would love burgers, simple as that! In each location, it’s all about the customer. We want a comfortable, cool place where people can come in and enjoy the finest burgers in town! Of course, we deliver all over Dublin too.

You can now order WOWBURGER Parnell St, Ranelagh, Tallaght and Wexford St,  for delivery to your home or office on the Just Eat app.


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