Endless Summer

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French illustrator Quentin Monge sheds some sunshine on his work and recent collaboration with Kronenbourg BLANC.

There’s one other place in the world that illustrator Quentin Monge would prefer to be than in his Parisienne studio. And that’s on a beach in the south of France. Growing up in the idyllic Saint-Tropez where the shimmering sun, sea breeze, lapping waves and silky sand all served to inform his resplendent style.

“This really is the root of my work,” explains the 28-year-old. “I always return there for my creativity. It’s such an inspirational place with such an array of colours. The sun makes everything beautiful and it is truly a part of my life and style.”

Through his minimalist characters and beautifully composed patterns, Quentin captures a world of surfers in harmony with sharks and gardens of crisp and juicy watermelon.

Monge has teamed up with Kronenbourg BLANC to capture the colour-filled magic of the new premium wheat beer with unique citrus twists. Today he’s teasing out sketches using a blue, red and yellow palette for his collaboration with the brand.

“I feel we’re a good match. They are launching this brand for the first time in Ireland,” he adds. “These visuals will be inspired by the French Riviera and paint an aspirational picture, one of style and elegance which will translate to the experience of drinking the beer.”

Monge is certainly a product of his era harnessing all his connections and fanbase solely through the medium of Instagram where he boasts over 64,000 followers who are attracted to the tropical hues which adorn his extensive body of work.

“You can’t really be without one,” says Monge. “It’s a great platform for people to understand who you are and what you are doing. I’m able to share work in progress and behind the scenes aspects too. People are interested in how the finished product is created.

“It’s also a tool to communicate with and grow an audience. In our world, we don’t see a lot of people and spend time sitting at a desk. I use it to look for advice about travel or galleries. If I’m visiting a new place, it is also a helpful way to connect with people.”

When it comes to inspiration for his work such as his current Endless Summer series, Monge tends to draw on the past rather than be overwhelmed by contemporaries. “Sometimes it feels a bit weird looking at other work and trying to compare yourself. It’s too much of a struggle to find your own voice so I like to look at what’s been done in the past. I love old posters and collecting old illustrations. These styles often recycle.”

In terms of future goals, Monge covets the idea of illustrating for the cover of the New Yorker and “having a show dedicated to my paintings would be awesome”. He recently took part in a group show in Paris.

But in the end, it all reverts back to the sun. “Endless Summer is a description of my style, a year-round vibe filled with colour and energy. It’s the dreamiest thing, being in your shorts and living the easy life.”


Kronenbourg BLANC is a French premium beer that has recently launched in Ireland for the first time. Kronenbourg BLANC brings together the perfect combination of summer, fun, premium and visual beauty. It’s the perfect drink for a summer sundowner is now exclusively available in a select number of outlets in Dublin. BLANC is a wheat beer with a twist of citrus and coriander notes, perfect for pairing with seafood, salads and desserts – the perfect way to toast the day, and keep the summer vibe alive throughout the year.

photo credit: Anthony Woods

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