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We recently caught up with Colm Corcoran from Rage Restaurant in Blackrock and here’s what he had to say…..


Can you share a little information about the establishment of Rage in the heart of Blackrock?

We opened in November 2015.  Our concept was to be a good local restaurant and cook and serve real food in friendly but professional surrounding. Casual dining done well. Our aim is to grow with our customers and provide them with top quality meats, seafood and veg at very affordable prices and to become part of Blackrock as a community. We cater for all needs from a quick office lunch to family occasions or that special night out on Saturday. We work hard as a team to try to make sure that our customers always get the best from us every time they step through the door.


Your steaks are sourced from grass fed, prime Irish Hereford Cattle, aged for 28 days. How important is informing customers of the provenance of your ingredients and sourcing seasonal and local where possible?

Yes of course. It is very important to use the best product we possibly can, obviously for flavour and quality but also for sustainability. Our steaks prove very popular with our customers and it’s nice to be able to share where the meat is sourced and to know its diet and rearing is of the best standard. This is evident in fat content and marbling in our steaks.


How is Blackrock evolving in terms of its culinary offerings? What are the merits of quality neighbourhood restaurants? Is there a tendency for the focus to concentrate open higher profile city centre offerings?

Over the time we have been here, some great restaurants have opened in Blackrock both casual and fine dining. This choice is great for the local community and helps to bring people to Blackrock as well. I think that it is very important to have good local restaurants as people don’t have to travel to the City Centre and often get much better value in local restaurants.  Also, service is more personable due to the fact we know our customers.


What dishes are you most excited about this spring?

As much as I love winter warmers and slow cooked meat dishes, it’s always a new lease of life and excitement in the kitchen when the season changes and we get to play around with lighter flavours again. Things like white asparagus, heritage potato, spring lamb,  at the moment John Dory, Halibut or Turbot is plentiful. Our customers always appreciate our fish specials, which we love coming up with.


Any trends you are noticing from customers or within the industry?

We have noticed that people are much more knowledgeable about food and are more concerned about where their food comes from. At the moment there is a movement in the industry promoting the importance of sourcing local. This is very important for us not only as an industry but as a country moving forward.


You will be five years in existence next year – have you realised all of your ambitions to date or have any burning ones outstanding?

No, definitely not ! I’m just realising now what my potential could be. I’m always learning as I go and this is why I love the JOB.  My biggest goal over the next few years is to be able to provide a seasonal menu with 100% locally sourced produce. Over the last year, I have been introduced to some Irish producers and growers and they have opened my eyes up to what is available on our doorstep. The presumption is that organic local products cost a lot more but in reality the cost isn’t as much as you think but the difference in flavour is massive. We have a new Manager on board now for the last year and we are really starting to get our act together front of house. Our aim is to improve our wine and cocktail selection and bring the service to the next level. As a Restaurant and a team RAGE is only getting started.

Another way I’m hoping to expand is in the Deli that we have next door. My intention is to offer better delivery service to the offices surrounding us. Also at the moment we are working on providing ready to go restaurant quality dinners that are already prepared and ready to cook.

Rage Restaurant

63-65 Main St

Blackrock, Co. Dublin

(01) 205 6655


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