Bitesize: Blasta Nigella

Posted 6 months ago in Food & Drink Features

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2023 is proving to be quite the year for Dublin-based restauranteurs and authors Anna Cabrera and Vanessa Murphy. The duo’s popular Las Tapas de Lola has been packing them in on Camden Street, even as their recently opened bodega, La Gordita on Montague Street, continues to garner rave reviews from the city’s most respected food critics.

The launch of their much anticipated recipe book, ‘Tapas’, prompted further celebrations, with everybody’s favourite domestic goddess Nigella Lawson selecting it for her popular ‘Cookbook Corner’ feature almost as soon as it was launched by Blasta Books.

It’s no secret that Nigella is a huge fan of publisher Kristen Jensen’s series of compact cookbooks, having recently confessed that she could happily recommend every one of the quarterly publications with illustrations by Nicky Hooper.

Citing Tapas as a particular favourite, Nigella observed, “I defy you to read this without wanting to invite people around to share these dishes straightaway”.

Having proclaimed their recipe for Croquettas de Jamon ‘heavenly’, she added, “I need these ham croquettes in my life and I rather feel you do, too.”

Need we say more?


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