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Posted September 11, 2019 in Film Features

Mike Ahern and Enda Loughman of D.A.D.D.Y. had a good few friends and long-time collaborators work with them on Extra Ordinary. They talk about their connections to them.


James Mather – D.O.P.

James has shot a lot of commercial and short film and music video projects over the years. He has shot trawlers West Cork in rough seas to cowboys in Spain. He is a friend and collaborator and is used to our weirdo double brain shorthand which is helpful on set!  He has shot some of our favourite films (Adam & Paul, Frank).



Karl Toomey – Credits

Karl ‘Tombstone’ Toomey is a friend, a sounding block for ideas, wrapped up in an incredible graphic designer. He has worked with us on lots of stuff from books (100 facts about Pandas) to title designs, but is generally and importantly just a huge creative brain friend who is full of energy and enthusiasm.



George Brennan – Music

George we have known and worked with for almost 20 years. He has always made great music we were fans of. The soundtrack he made for our short film The Hatch is the best thing about the film and there was never a question it would be George making the music for Extra Ordinary.


Fun fact: George also features as a blood covered goat farmer in the film.



Chris Judge – Smiley Chicken products illustration 

Enda knows Chris since he was four-years-old and Mike and Chris became best friends in college, so, in fact, Chris is the reason we met. It helps Chris is an incredible illustrator and he has even been a D.A.D.D.Y. member before heading off to be a successful international kids book writer and illustrator. We annoy him to draw stuff for us whenever possible. He mostly draws mean pictures of us with big noses.



Joe Fallover – Production Designer

Joe we started working with on commercials and he has become a close collaborator and friend. He is an incredibly talented ‘maker’ and mind and has built crazy sets, giant objects and generally helped bring the most stupid ideas come to life in amazing creative ways.


Extra Ordinary is reviewed here.

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