Crazy, Stupid Love

Posted September 22, 2011 in Cinema Reviews

Romantic comedies, when tracing sincerity, are at their very worst, and Crazy, Stupid, Love is no exception. Steve Carrell’s stalled marriage leaves him at a loose end, and he seeks the guidance of Strauss-like playboy Ryan Gosling (who may be the most odious character ever in cinema not to be acknowledged as a villain), following a makeover and some sage advice from whom begins a new life as a reluctant Casanova. Meanwhile, Emma Stone is bored with her workaday relationship and seeks fulfillment by having sex with Ryan Gosling. Steve Carrell’s adolescent son’s unrequited infatuation for his babysitter (who herself loves Steve Carrell!) is the straw that broke the camel’s back, as regards the amount of shit things you can put in a film and treat mawkishly and reductively before it becomes a real struggle not to suffer ego death while watching. And Steve Carrell’s wife, Julianne Moore, is having an affair with Kevin Bacon! It’s a good thing none of this happened in real life or it would be really confusing.

Words: Oisín Murphy


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