Wish You Were Here

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We asked a number of illustrators who live in Dublin to respond the theme of ‘Wish You Were Here’ from their own perspective. Here is what they came up with.

Conor Nolan

“I got into sea swimming in lockdown when I first started living in town and got really into cycling to Seapoint for a dip. So I wanted to illustrate the feeling of pulling up on your bike in preparation for cooling off by jumping in to the sea.”


Amy Lauren

“I am a freelance creative living comfortably in very rare and reasonably rented housing. The luck I have isn’t lost on me. Most of my friends have moved away or abroad. As kids, we were told to go for the dream job through education, and now that we’re doing that, few of us can afford our own house. Wages don’t match the cost, either. Dublin is becoming a quick-stop city. Living in a house here is precarious, and it feels safer to leave.”


Matthew Kelly  

“To me Dublin is love, from sunset to sunrise there is love all over the streets of Dublin. This illustration represents the little loves and joys hidden behind every corner in our city’s streets. It’s about how every night can have wonder. How you never know what’s around the corner. Its us all dancing together, a love so passionate and gleeful. It could be around the next corner you walk down or better yet, it could be you, dancing away. From sunset to sunrise.”


Megan Luddy 

“I love the quality of light in the city at blue hour, it softens the whole city. It makes wandering around at that hour, or even commuting home, feel romantic and almost dream-like. It always makes me nostalgic.”


Rachel O’Regan

“The canal is always a great spot for summer drinks. On a sunny day you can be sure to find at least a few friends here.” racheloregan.myportfolio.com


Tara O’Brien

“The first sign of Summer arriving for me is that sound of the ice cream van as it drives around all the streets where I live. I can hear his music for about an hour before he pulls up on my road and I can finally get that first 99 of the summer! The first of many!”



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