Roadmap: Sanctuary – Conor Clinch

Posted 2 months ago in Arts and Culture, Photography

BIMM nov 13 – dec 15 – Desktop

It’s funny when we consider Conor Clinch a veteran of the photography scene. However, he’s been creating a stir since his Leaving Cert and has since established himself in the nexus of the London/Paris fashion scene climbing the ranks like Sean McGirr, the recently anointed Creative Director of Alexander McQueen. Clinch’s latest personal undertaking came in the form of an exhibition in Paris called ‘Sanctuary’ which saw him photographing historical marine shells from The Natural History Museum in London.

“Molluscs are underestimated for their abilities and beautiful looks,” notes Clinch. “With climate change happening, the water is becoming more acidic and the shells washing up on the shore are more frail, thin, and bleak.” Clinch says that the inspiration for this exhibition is the urgency to “conserve” natural sea life and raise awareness of the environmental degradation happening in the world’s oceans.


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