Roadmap: Haus of Schiaparelli

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BIMM nov 13 – dec 15 – Desktop

Inspired by New York’s queer ballroom culture, The Haus of Schiaparelli hosted the first-ever Black-led queer ball in Ireland in Hen’s Teeth in September which also raised funds for the Black Queer Book Club. The theme of the night was ‘Royalty’ and categories included Coronation Runway, Best Dressed, MASC-ERADE, Alien Superstar, Face Category, Body, Twerkulator, Legwork Champion, Vogue and The Diamond of the Season.

Tino from the Haus said they hope to hold another one next year while photographer Ayo, adds: “I fuse the mystic vibes of art and tech, illuminating the soul of an Afrocentric Dublin right here in Ireland. I’ve been blessed to capture moments from the depths of Dublin’s Black Trap symphony where up-and-coming Black-Irish artists thrive and shine like diamonds in the darkest night. Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to wander through the vibrant realms of Haus of Schiaparelli’s Black-Queer ballroom, where the spirit of defiance and liberation dances through the night. The flair for fashion and makeup unleashes an authentic allure that must be experienced first hand. I’m lucky enough to say that I’ve been in the midst of all of it soaking up the essence and spitting it out on my insta page (@LazyTownTechie) for the world the see.”

Words: Michael McDermott


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