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This challenge
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Back in late April, I woke up in the middle of the night and did that stupid thing of checking my phone and my mails. In dropped an email about a single release. We get a lot of these and sadly simply don’t have the time or resources to listen to or respond to artists who are out there alerting us to what they are doing. But maybe we could?

I decided with our music editor that over the following weeks we’d both compile a list of acts who independently contacted us about releases. This ruled out any PR people or labels and management. Could we get a feel for the DIY scene by talking first and listening later, by putting aside whatever personal tastes we have or the usual attraction to ‘buzz’ acts. And so, our lead story is about five such acts doing their thing in the city right now. 

Elsewhere, we very proud to bring some dedicated theatre pages to our magazine again with thanks to support from the Abbey Theatre. One of the challenges of the stage has always been timing when it comes to print and catching shows at an optimum time so we are best informed and our readers can also enjoy the work. This challenge continues but also makes us reconsider the dialogue around theatre both on the national stage and beyond it. We’ll be learning off our lines and ‘Setting the Scene’ over the coming months.

As always, the curtain call is here for all the creatives and their ideas which populate these pages.

– Michael McDermott

You can pick up our latest edition across Dublin now or read it online here.


  • In Memory of the Future is the current exhibition in the DLR Lexicon in which Illustrators Ireland approached their members to celebrate the work and spirit of the late great Tomi Ungerer. We showcase some of their responses.
  • We caught up with filmmaker Ira Sachs as he wasPassing Through to promote his latest film Passages.
  • Ireland’s first reggae band Zebra are celebrated in Brand New Retro ahead of an event in TBGS this Wednesday.
  • Conor Stevens does a brunch Double Take at Doll Society and As One.
  • Apocalypse Clown is reviewed and illustrated in our cinema section.
  • Design looks at the story behind Yewth, a new publication while Magnified travels to Taiwan to discover White Fungus.




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