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The Public Art Mural (Exempted Development) Bill 2023 which is currently at second stage before the Dàil is aims to, “provide for exemptions from planning permission for certain categories of public art murals where such work has artistic or cultural merit, has the permission of the owner of the building or structure on which it is displayed, is not a commercial advertisement and does not conflict with the Equal Status Acts.”

While it is a long overdue and welcome bill which will certainly aid the creation of murals to provoke and simply brighten up our quotidian experience, rest assured, people and collectives will still be out there “wrecking it” as our lead feature attests to. And that’s alright too. – Michael McDermott

  • Lead feature on the street art scene by Michael Lanigan with portraits and images by Malcolm McGettigan.
  • Spicebag tells Design about Council, his next undertaking.
  • The Bonk in conversation
  • Nick West’s next instalment of his Hiberna Moderna series – The Groves
  • Tonic Magazine in Magnified
  • Conor Stevens has a “a faultless dinner” at Bar Italia.
  • Brand New Retro looks at the late Mary Quant’s connection with Cabra.
  • Gerry Godley makes some noise for Coddle in the Digested Digest.
  • Tom Lordan encounters 700 litres of damp.
  • Our writers select their highlights from the International Festival of Literature Dublin.


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