The countdown to ‘Dublin City Council Dublin Winter Lights’ has begun!

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From December 1st, ‘Dublin City Council Dublin Winter Lights’ will transform the city centre with epic light features on iconic landmarks, buildings, bridges, trees, statues and throughout Merrion Square Park.

The ‘Dublin City Council Dublin Winter Lights’ event is a celebration for all generations. Whether you’re continuing a family tradition or looking for a new festive experience, gather your loved ones, family and friends and come experience Dublin city centre like you have never seen it before.

This year’s Festival is not only the most colourful one, it is also the most eco-friendly. By harnessing the latest technologies, using an innovative fuel source and planning efficient power storage ‘Dublin City Council Dublin Winter Lights’ is reducing its carbon footprint.

Key steps include using mains power for projectors instead of on-street generators. Projections throughout the city centre are created with the latest laser and LED technology, so they have low power requirements. All the projections and installations in Merrion Square Park will be powered by hydrotreated vegetable oil and localised battery storage that charge during off peak hours. Hydrotreated vegetable oil is made from 100% renewable waste materials and is odourless – ideal for use at events.

Here are some facts and stats about ‘Dublin City Council Dublin Winter Lights’ energy use.

  • The power used to light the GPO is comparable to that used in six kettles.
  • A domestic iron uses the same power as the projections on the Central Plaza.
  • The laser light source used on the Customs House Projections is the equivalent of an electric shower.
  • The power used to light the Bank of Ireland projections is comparable to two domestic ovens.
  • Illuminating the statues on O’Connell Street uses the same amount of power as a vacuum cleaner.

This year promises to be even better than before with projections and illuminations created by some of the world’s best artists. As part of the 2023 ‘Dublin City Council Dublin Winter Lights’ programme, artists from all over the world were invited to submit ideas to feature on the GPO and Custom House buildings. The work of eight artists was shortlisted for each building and will be projected for all to see and enjoy from December 1st.

Come into the city centre this December and enjoy seeing Dublin in all its sparkling glory.

Follow the magic!

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