‘Dublin City Council Dublin Winter Lights’ GPO and Custom House Competition

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Dublin City Council Dublin Winter Lights’ is transforming the city centre with epic light features on iconic landmarks, buildings, bridges, trees, statues and throughout Merrion Square Park.

This year artists from all over the world were invited to submit ideas for the GPO and Custom House.

The judging panel were internationally recognised professional producers, artists and curators –  Birgit Zander (Festival Director, Berlin Festival of Lights), Joanie Lemercier and Juliette Bibasse, (Studio Joanie Lemercier) and Bruce Rodgers and Shelley Rodgers (Tribe Inc.).

Eight artists were shortlisted for each building and each has created dynamic, colourful and imaginative light projections. The winning artworks will be revealed on December 8th.


GPO Light Projections and Artists

Threads of life – Fabraic Ama: Charlotte Bach, LUCID collective

The LUCID collective creates video mapping projections and immersive installations. The light projection wraps the GPO in a web of fates, weaving history and future.


Corn and Deer: Miguel Ángel Rivera Martinez

Miguel Rivera’s award-winning work has been seen in many countries. The light projection presents an epic journey undertaken in the Huichol land of Nayarit, Mexico.


Appartenenze – Belonging: Alessandro Grisendi and Marco Noviello, OOOP Studio

Alessandro Grisendi and Marco Noviello create original video and graphics. The light projection is a fusion between gender and people, showing humanity always on the move.


The Magic Mail: Ángel Sandimas

Ángel Sandimas is a multifaceted artist who creates advanced digitally inspired content. The light projection is the journey of a letter involving a mail carriage, a fantasy ship and a magical place.

Amalgamation Omniverse: Rudi Kurnia

Rudi Kurnia is a visual artist who creates innovative and imaginative artworks, involving 2D artwork, 3D characters and environments, and Artificial Intelligence. The light projection celebrates human abilities, connecting the present with the future.


Aesthetic Ties: Liudmyla Stetskovych, Kurbas Production

Kurbas Production specialises in multimedia content using sound and video art. The light projection explores the idea of connection and the cultural heritage of Ukraine and Ireland can play a role in bringing people together.


Mycorrhiza: DecideKit

DecideKit combines the craft of motion graphics with data-driven insights to create powerful messages. The light projection explores how everything on the earth is connected and is part of one another.


Connection: Christophe Brière

Christophe Brière builds dynamic visuals using angles, shadows and tangents. The light projection immerses the GPO in rays of light, plants and DNA graphics.


Custom House Light Projections and Artists


A star in the sea: Rigal Dorian

Rigal Dorian is a light and digital artist who creates fantastic landscapes using digital art, animated film and virtual reality. The light projection presents stars, waves, sunsets and boats that form multi-coloured landscapes.


Revenant: Gabor Szucs

Gábor Szűcs is an award-winning multidisciplinary artist. The light projection presents navigation using abstract animations with organic movement and forms.


Transversal: Jeremy Oury

Jeremy Oury’s award-winning artwork focuses on geometric distortions, sound, video and immersive forms. The light projection combines 18th-century architecture with 21st-century digital art.


Looks to the Stars: Sarah Brophy

Sarah Brophy is a new media artist who constructs animated worlds and digital simulations. The light projection creates a cosmic dreamscape composed of imagery associated with celestial navigation.


Symbiosis: VPM Creative Lab

V.P.M specialises in video mappings and interactive experiences. The light projection presents a celtic legend of renewal and rebirth, exploring coexistence between Artificial Intelligence and humans.


The Ship: Ilaria Vescoco

Ilaria Vescovo is an illustrator using digital technics, traditional drawing and graphic arts. The light projection shows children huddling together as a magical story unfolds about a village-ship moving from the sea to land.


Astral Pathways: Valie Chincisan

Vali Chincișan is known for his digital art and video mapping. The light projection is a journey through the cosmic realm and within astral pathways.


Metanoia: Julie Tampierová, Jakub Nosek and Denisa Půbalová

Julie, Jakub and Denisa are interdisciplinary artists and creative technologists. The light projection is an expedition into consciousness, drawing inspiration from neurons, networks and webs.


Come in to Dublin to see how each iconic building becomes the perfect canvas for stunning graphics.


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